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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

December 30, 2017

First Day of Sailing!

Tyler, Quinn and Ed, B Watch, Penn State

Penn State at SEA

Climbing Aloft

Current Position
19° 01.099’N x 066° 08.180’W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
10°N at 6.7 knots

Sail Plan
4 lowers

Cloudy and warm

We made it through our first night aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer. We were all assigned an hour for anchor watch throughout the night. Anchor watch consists of making sure our position in the San Juan harbor did not move.

This morning we woke up and learned how to properly get into our aloft harnesses. We also learned how to correctly climb ratlines, which are tied off ropes between two metal cables that act as a ladder. This allowed us to go aloft, which means ascending the masts. The climb up was scary at first but worth it in the end, as the view we had was beautiful.

After we finished our lesson on going aloft, we pulled up the anchor and moved out of San Juan harbor using the engine on the boat. Once we were clear of the harbor we raised three of the nine sails. This took a group effort to do, as there was a lot of maneuvering to properly get a sail set. After the first three sails were raised, we also raised the main sail to give us maximum propulsion. Only then did we turn off the engine of the ship. Now we are sailing using only sails. Pretty crazy!

We are members of the watch group B. Today our watch started at 1300 and ended at 1900. We monitored the ship, steered the ship, and also collected samples of the surface water among other jobs. We are all exhausted and ready for bed, praying we can all sleep through the night without getting seasick.

- Tyler, Quinn and Ed

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