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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 05, 2014

Final Deployments

Matt Hirsch, First Assistant Scientist

The Global Ocean

A birthday gift from my C255 shipmates

29° 15’ 14.40” N x 14° 21’ 57.60” W

Approaching the Canary Islands

It was another momentous day about the Corwith Cramer on our short passage between the Madeiran and Canary Islands. The two big events were our final wire deployment and my birthday! On this final wire deployment, we paid out about 2000 meters of wire with a CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth) and a payload of artistically designed Styrofoam coffee cups, together forming what we call the “Styrocast.” It is a long oceanographic tradition to write some commemorative words on a styrofoam coffee cup and send it deep into the blue, where the incredible amount of water presses down on the cups and results in a souvenir that is about the size of a shot glass. This morning we were faced with 12-foot seas and Beaufort Force 5 wind for our deepest deployment of the trip, but our fearless crew bravely loaded the Styrofoam cups into a couple pairs of pantyhose attached to the CTD cage. On the way up, the third assistant scientist, Gabrielle, put a fresh coat of fish-oil lubricant on the wire with the help of Veronica, who was in charge of the lab for morning watch.

In the afternoon we had class, which included the final round of student presentations. We had a bit of a theme with three projects involving plastic and a couple looking at water masses in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. We learned quite a bit from these young investigators and then proceeded to the poster session, which allows for a more interactive conveyance of the scientific findings of our voyage. After class, I was shocked to find all of the crew in the main salon waiting for me to arrive where they sang ‘happy birthday’ and we all had some delicious chocolate cupcakes made by Abby. The day was capped off with some delicious pizza from the galley!

Well, the science is pretty much wrapped up for this trip, and I’m confident that all of the students learned a thing or two, not just about oceanography, but about the scientific process in general. I have had a great time working with this group of students and I look forward to hearing about the exciting things that they will go on to do in the future.

Here’s to another year, at sea.

PS: Happy belated birthday to Dad and Kristi!
PPS:  Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you had a wonderful day.  Sending lots of love, G.G.

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