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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

June 23, 2014

Falling in Love with Sailing

Heather Crosby, University of the South, Sewanee


20° 49.8’N x 156° 60.0’W

Less than 1nm off the coast of Lanai

Aloha Friends and family!

Wow! What a journey it has been!! I cant believe we are almost at the end of our sailing journey.  Over this short one week of sail time I have gained an experience of a lifetime.  From setting and striking the four lowers to collecting zooplankton from intense science deployments, this has been everything and more than I expected out of this program.

The last 24 hours has been the most exciting time on the ship. Today during class was the line chase relay.  We were divided into our watch groups and given cards with different lines. The first watch to get through their stack of cards won. Of course C watch won (me, Alice, Carly, Connor, and Christina)!  It is necessary to know the lines well enough to set and strike the appropriate sails at a moments notice to keep the ship sailing in the right direction and speed.  An example of this quick application is during last nights watch.  My watch, C watch, stood on watch from 1800 until 2300.  During this time we were experiencing the reality of sailing into the winds.  This provided great opportunities to practice our knowledge of setting and striking sails in demanding conditions.  I had the privilege of crawling out onto the bowsprit to furl the JT.  No worries mama, I was clipped in and secure.  The adrenaline from this even kept me going through the 2300 watch turnover.

The sailing aspect of this adventure has been my favorite because it is something I have never experienced before, but I have fallen in love with it. I would love to continue to learn the ins and outs of sailing and find future sailing opportunities.

I would like to give a shout out to all of my family who has encouraged the furthering of my education from day one. Thanks for the support and I hope to see everyone soon: Mama, daddy, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Daphne, Abigail (hope u get to do this one day!!), my twinkie Hallie (Hope things are going well at Yale), and Colton!!  Love yall!!!

- Heather

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