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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 10, 2017


Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

Cramer MMP is wrapping up with beautiful fall colors all over Belfast. Cooler weather, bright leaves, and pumpkin decorations all over town make it clear that the summer is finally over, and Cramer is getting ready to sail south!

With the prospect of sailing soon, the atmosphere in yard is busy and excited. Engineering has been especially busy, wrapping up all the systems on the ship. These past couple of weeks, the engineering squad has made huge bounds on the ship. The main generator has been up and running for about a week now, and the main engine has been tested and looks good. The deck generator is completely installed, and is getting ready for testing. New ventilation in the playhouse is almost complete, and the last bits of wire runs are getting completed.

Since SEA is famous for feeding its sailors well, the SEA community should be excited to know that the galley is completely installed, wired, and is ready to use. Not only is the galley ready, but the refrigeration systems are complete and running! With this, provisioning for the next program has started. Most of the canned food and snacks have all been loaded, and any students on the next trip should definitely keep their eyes out for the crate of Nutella that was loaded onto Cramer.

Science has been wrapping up projects left and right! SEA scientists have been flooding into yard, bringing team science from the smallest department on the boat to one of the biggest. With all the fresh, new, and bushy-tailed scientists, science has finished installing all the computers onto the ship, and has tested the wired and wireless networks on the ship, which are all looking good. On deck, they have reinstalled the neuston booms, prepared the J-frame to receive wire, and have reinstalled the anemometer. The new flow-through system has been tested, and is running smoothly. With that, science is now working on testing the transducers and the navigational equipment.

Deck has been busy cleaning and moving! As we like to say at SEA: Don’t lift with your back; lift with your deckhands! When not lifting heavy objects, deckhands can be seen with cleaning supplies all over the ship, making spaces ready for human habitation again. Up in the rigging, the rig team has been working on attaching sails. They have finished attaching the main boom, and are currently uprigging the mains’l, as well as getting the yards ready for sails.

As we prepare to leave Belfast, SEA crew have been embracing all the fall activities around town. The local fair was well-attended by SEA folk, as are many apple cider pressing events around the area. Last night, House Mom Henry also hosted a lovely pumpkin carving event for all of the crew, decorating the common spaces with many delightful works of pumpkin art, along with the occasional stray pumpkin seed. Personally, I will miss living in Belfast, and am looking forward to one last week of eating incredible ice cream, playing frisbee, and petting our favorite cat, Crusty.

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#1. Posted by Kimberly Reed on October 17, 2017

I am excited watching the movement of the Corwith Cramer.  Janeth is watching, too.  Bill said the sea was heavy going to Squirrel Island yesterday.  He’s watching, too.  Love you.  Nana



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