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July 10, 2017

Education At Sea

Anya Desai and Bristol Brabson, American High school and The Buckley School

SEA Semester

Above: Lauren shows her catch. Below: Lauren Olivia and Alex play in the Augmented Reality Sandbox.

Today we woke up to Sabrina's amazing blueberry muffins and turkey sausage. Then we made sandwiches for lunch and the first group left for the Zephyr boat trip. On the boat, the first group was able to use various oceanographic equipment to observe the oceans. We used a dredge to collect benthic organisms. We collected and observed sea urchins, sea stars, sea snails, a few hermit crabs, coral,  and a few scallops. We also collected and observed plankton. We went back to shore and traded with the second group. We went back to the Zephyr building and played with the topographic sand. We made large mountains of sand and tried making the entire sandbox fill up with water. After playing with the sand, we went to the lab and observed the animals in the touch tanks. We went to a park to while we waited for the second group to come back.

While the first group went on the voyage and collected various organisms, the second group interacted with a topographic sandbox that projected elevations of sand. In the sandbox we crafted mountains of sand, the Philippines, and also a sandy version of the Cape. We visited the WHOI laboratories to observe crustaceans in shallow tanks of water and we gained a better understanding of horseshoe crabs. We went on the boat once the first group returned. We dragged a dredge across the sea floor in order to collect sea urchins, starfish, scallops, and hermit crabs. We then collected plankton in a fine net and took the samples back to the lab. We measured water depth and took a sample of water to measure salinity and pH levels. At the lab, we observed the plankton under a microscope. We then proceeded to meet the other group and eat sandwiches. After eating, we wandered around Woods Hole for an hour. Some of us enjoyed ice cream and shopping, while others ate at Pie in the Sky.

We returned to campus and went to class. In Oceanography, we had a guest speaker from The National Conservatory named Steve Kirk. He was enthusiastic about oysters and how they are essential to ocean ecosystems. After Oceanography, we had Oceans and Society and learned about the Gulf Stream and how Rachel Carson's books started an environmental movement. After class, we had free time where some of us went to the beach and enjoyed the water and sunshine. After free time, we had a delicious dinner of mac and cheese which everyone enjoyed.

After dinner, we had an LTC class where we did many fun activities. We assessed what kind of leaders we are based on our personality traits. To demonstrate our effectiveness as team members we played a game where a sheet was laid flat on the floor and was to be flipped over by a team standing on it without touching the ground, which helped us distinguish between the leaders from the followers. We then played a game known as "helium stick" where as a group, seven of us were instructed to lower a stick to the ground using only the sides of our index fingers. The game showed us how easy it is for us to blame someone else for making a mistake. (Bristol was blamed for making the stick move higher and to the side instead of lowering it). We then went to study hall and then to bed.

- Anya & Bristol

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