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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 12, 2016

Douarnenez, France

Kate Salesin, C Watch, Cornell University

Historic Seaports

Corwith Cramer docked at Douarnenez, FR

Docked at Douarnenez

Partly cloudy, low 60s

Souls on Board

Today, we set foot on land after several rainy, rocky days at sea in the English Channel. Unfortunately, many of us discovered that not only were we afflicted by seasickness on the boat, but also landsickness once we stepped on land (which is more of a woozy vertigo sensation). But all of us were glad to get a chance to explore the quaint coastal town of Douarnenez relatively autonomously this afternoon.

Douarnenez is in an area of France known as Brittany, whose people are of Gaelic origin and sometimes identify more closely as Breton than as French. You can see in the photo of the Corwith Cramer above that we flew both the Breton flag (black and white stripes, on the left) and French flag (right) as a courtesy to the heritage of the region.

In town, we wandered around the street market, drank the apple cider (a local specialty), ate some crepes, and roamed the narrow stone streets. Many of us practiced our miming skills since our French vocabulary was very limited.

In the next few days, we will visit the maritime museum here with Professor Dan and learn more about the history of Douarnenez.

- Kate

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