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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

December 01, 2020

Deep Swells and Dinner Bells

Andrew Patty & Lena Albert, Middlebury College & Unity College


Above: Morning seas: This morning’s seas; Below: Snack time - Lena and Drew enjoy afternoon snack

Noon Position
24°01.95’N 081°59.40’W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
6 kts

Taffrail Log
587.0 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Clear/ NE x E & 5 on Beaufort/Main Sail in a deep reef, Main Staysail, Fore Staysail

Description of location
South of the Florida Keys

Animals Observed last 24hrs
Dolphins, Flying Fish, & Seabirds

Souls on board

Woke up this morning to wavy seas, we were rolling around like a hamster trapped in an exercise ball. Lena and I are on different watches, so while she was recovering from a long night’s dawn watch, I was woken up at 0600 to start my day. We had some oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast and got an early start to our day. While Lena was catching up on some beauty sleep, I was stationed on deck for my watch. Rotating through weather observations, boat checks, and keeping us on course at the helm, my watch mates and I kept the ship afloat the next six hours.

While at the helm, my shipmates Kyrie and Alyeea (despite feeling a bit woozy) kept me company on the quarterdeck, and we came up with our own original sea shanties. Next up, Drew and I went to class where we learned all about the phases of the moon, Portuguese Man O’Wars, and how to write some sea slamming poetry. The moon is currently waning and will be getting smaller in the weeks to come. After class Dew and I sat down to write this blog.

The picture you see here posted is us on a well-deserved snack break for some cheerios. This blog did not come easy for two sleep deprived sailors, but we stuck it out for the fans back home. In the next coming hours Drew will be sleeping to prepare for his dawn watch and I will ping ponging through the halls guided by ocean waves. So we leave will you this last thought: what would do for a Klondike bar? Because I’m pretty desperate.


Andrew Patty, B Watch, Middlebury College & Lena Albert, A Watch, Unity College

P.S. To my family, miss you all. (Liam good luck on the 15th, keep your head up) – Drew

P.S hi mom and dad I <3 you! Say hi to max and nala for me! – Lena

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#1. Posted by William & Isabella Patty on December 06, 2020


Delightful e mail! You express yourself very well and with fun humor. I cannot
imagine your trip since I find being on a small boat on the ocean hard on my
inner ear, i.e. , I don’t feel very well!!! and Pop pop is even worse - gets quite
motion sick.

We are charmed to be included in your message and send thanks and love,
          Pop-pop and Baba



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