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July 16, 2018

Data, Data and More Data

Suzu Seki & Lia Nachtigal, Tabor Academy & Brookline High School

SEA Semester

Lia, Kristin, Ivy, and Elizabeth work on the ocean acidification lab.

Our day started with, as usual, Jamie's breakfast. During the watch meeting some continued working on their projects, and some played Whist.

Before the first class in the morning, SEA scientists came to talk about the Marjot Foundation to us. It is a grant for high school students who are junior or younger who want to do an environmental science research project, and they encouraged us to participate. Then we started our Oceans & Society class. We talked about the Marine Protected Areas along with Hazel's experiences on Marine Reserve in Belize (Glover's Reef). She researched on the health of sharks on the reef, the apex predator which help indicate the health of the ecosystem. In the oceanography class, we had Ms. Jennie Rheuban as a guest speaker on Ocean Acidification. After the lecture, we moved to do the acidification lab. With instruction from Maia and Jennie, we observed the acidification process using yeast and sugars.

After lunch ended came the Beach Data Collection presentations for Oceanography. Everything leading up to that moment of walking up to the front of the classroom was nerve-wracking for me, and I think it was similar for a good portion of the rest of the class too. But despite this fact, there was a lot that other groups had worked on, and with such complexity which I didn’t realize even existed. The sediment property group for example sounded like a very complicated process. Three hours of just measuring filtered sand?! Yikes! Thank goodness that after the finished presentations came free time with dinner.

- Suzu Seki (Tabor Academy)
- Lia Nachtigal (Brookline High School)

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