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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

August 17, 2017

Cramer the Jigsaw Puzzle

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

MMP has continued to be a flurry of reassembly. Everywhere, bits and pieces of the boat are coming together!

Deck is still split into the Rigging team, the Paint Prep team, and the Paint team this week. The Rigging team is pleased to welcome Foretek to Front Street, only to banish her out to the yards, which are being stored away from the rest of the ship. While Foretek preps the yards, the rest of the rigging team has finished re-serving the wire, and has moved on to - you guessed it - more blocks! The Foc’s’le team (a subgroup of the Paint Prep team), led by the new arrival, Christine, has been working hard to get the foc’s’le soles, bulkheads, and overheads ready to paint. This has involved building scaffolding to reach the foc’s’le scuttle since the ladder has been removed, and lots of sanding and grinding. The foc’s’le was briefly transformed into a dusty pit of despair from where deckhands emerged, looking soulless, tired, and covered in fine white dust. Now, thanks to the hard work of Christine and her team, the foc’s’le is looking clean and dust-free, ready to receive paint. The forward shower is getting a new floor and pipes, which are currently being installed. The galley sole is also getting a first coat of paint, to prepare it for new flooring. This is especially exciting, because once the soles are in, the new galley design can be brought to life.

Science hasn’t stopped partying since Georgie returned. They are also excited to welcome another scientist to the team! Erin Adams arrived this week, and has been bringing Team Science to a whole new level. Currently, science is working on removing the computer cabinet from the lab entirely, so that it can be replaced by a brand new one. Otherwise, their other projects have kept running smoothly. Henry, the honorary engineering science minion, continues to help science reassemble the hydrowinch, which is looking better by the day! While not in yard, scientists spend time in the office, working on the computer systems and repairing nets.

Engineering has been anxiously following the shipping saga of the propeller pitch controller parts from Denmark. Mickey has grumpily watched the shipment take its leisurely time ambling across the Atlantic, wandering around New York for a few days, strolling up to Boston, and then remembering that it forgot a part back in Denmark. Needless to say, Mickey has not been pleased with its progress, especially since it was supposed to arrive two days ago. Aside from the riveting adventure of the propeller pitch controller parts, Engineering has plenty of other activities to occupy itself. Marty continues to have a one-man party all around the boat, running wiring from the foc’s’le to the engine room to the doghouse, and everywhere in between. The watermaker maintenance has been completed, and the watermakers are looking to go back into the ship soon. Clare has finished disassembling the outboard engines, and now has started putting them all back together again. Nate has had the opportunity to try his hand at welding, as he repurposes old shelves from dry stores to make more storage space in the engine room.

The Crosby house is getting busier and busier! Not only has the SEA crew grown in numbers, but a couple of other families have moved into the Crosby center, as Kiril has started opening it up as a communal living area. Unfortunately, all this activity in the house has seemed to be keeping our beloved friend, Crusty away. It has been a while since Crusty visited the Crosby center, and we are starting to suspect foul play. It’s possible that other neighbors have begun feeding her sardines in a scrappy fight for her affections. If anything’s for certain, it’s that we’ll have to ramp up our game to win Crusty back.

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