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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 21, 2014

Cool-in-ary Deelights

Meara Cafferata, Pacific Northwest College of Art


Sunrise in the Portuguese Trades

41°47.7’ N x 011°37.9’ W
4 knots SxE sailing under the jib, main and fore stays’ls, square tops’l and the single reefed main
Clear skies with cumulus clouds dotting the horizon, temperature is 20° Celsius
Force 4 from the NE

Oh glorious day of days! When the staff takes over the galley and brings their culinary fantasies to life and the crew reaps the benefits! 

Captain Elliot delighted us all with his heritage apple pie, steeped in tradition and fresh churned Irish butter.  While it’‘s not a requirement for a sea captain to have perfected the art of pastry dough, we believe it is the ultimate bonus.  It harkened to the fall days in the Adirondacks, as we followed an afternoon swim call in the refreshing Spanish waters with warm Gramma Rappaport’‘s famous deep dish apple pie. Yum!

And did I mention dinner?! Wow!  Not two hours after exiting the 3,000 meter deep swimming pool our gullets were stuffed over flowing with hand breaded chicken fingers dredged with a buffet of sauces, buttermilk biscuits, cheesy mashed potatoes and a throw back to our Irish port of departure with mushy peas. When asked about the quality of his dinner, student Buckley Willis exclaimed, “Hot damn! That be some cool-in-ary deelights” and true to his Texas origins, he gorged himself on barbeque sauce soaked biscuits.

If you aren’’t already amazed, awed and astonished, just wait for the lunch play by play.  It all started a vision of steamy soup clouds, a fortnight in the making.  Turning a Chinese buffet standard into an Asian delicacy, chief engineer and prospective assistant steward, Tom Klodenski, drew upon customs from corners of Asia, blending northern Chinese, southern Thai and Manchurian cuisines into a festival of fantastical flavors.  The stage was set when guests arrived to find the main salon transformed into their favorite Asian fusion restaurant, complete with Chinese lanterns hung and each bowl set with a personal lotus flower napkin.  As the lid was lifted off of the pot, a comforting aroma wafted over us and our mouths salivated as we ladled the egg drop soup into our bowls.  We were assailed with a brushstroke of flavors; nostril tickling ginger, savory mushrooms, hearty chicken broth, crunchy scallions and tender rice noodles combined to deliver a masterpiece tableau.  The mortar between the stones of this Temple of Taste was the home brewed gyokuri green tea, ladled with care into traditional American mugs from the Falmouth thrift store. 

After these whirlwind culinary escapades, Neptune blessed the Cramer with his own serendipitous dénouement of the second green flash, bookending a magical day.  Amen, Neptune.

- Meara

Shout out:
Hey familia, I miss y’’all like the dickens and still can’’t wait to meet them chickens.  Every alliteration in that post was for you, Morgan.  Love you Mammy, Pappy, Morgy and Tommy and I’’ll talk to you soon!

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