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August 05, 2017

Continuing Our Intellectual Voyage!

Chase Glatz and Corina Kotidis, Greenwood Middle High School and Middlesex School

SEA Semester

Today, all 25 of us woke up bright and early at 7:30 A.M. and started our day! During our daily watch meetings, we learned a new bend, which is when you tie two pieces of ropes together, called the Sheet Bend. Then, we started our academic day with Dan the man’s Oceans and Societies class, where we learned about the relationship between slavery in the Caribbean and the ocean, along with the history behind slavery itself. Our biggest takeaway was that people had various relationships to the ocean, where the slaves themselves thought of it as a death sentence, while the slave owners and the people who benefitted from this industry thought of it as a money-making business.

After our first class, we got to learn about collecting data and how to present it with various graphs and other representations with Maia. We broke into groups and chose what data we wanted to collect. Data sets ranged from the relationship between eye color and zodiac signs to the relationship between arm span and height. We finished our class by collecting data on an assortment of candies that we were able to eat as a treat after we finished.

We took a break for lunch and came back for part two of Oceanography. We first learned more about the physical aspects of the ocean, specifically the currents. We learned about how they form and how the Coriolis effect causes the ocean conveyor belt, which is the major currents around the world. This whole process is due to the different temperatures and salinities of the water in various parts of the world.

Therefore, we moved our class to the lab to do a density experiment, where we saw how water with different temperatures and salinities actually interact. Our final challenge in the lab was to layer the most bands of water with different salinities and temperatures, represented by different colors (the best layering of water is shown in the picture). After our lab we were able to have free time before our pizza and movie night, where we watched Nerve and Mastermind.

We had a great day today and can’t wait for our free day tomorrow!

Chase and Corina

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