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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

April 27, 2019

Clueless at Sea

Oleta Corry, B Watch


Might be clueless but know beauty when I see it!

Noon Position
17-52.9’S 151 00.5’W

A little over a day away from Ra’iatea

South (only because we are hove to for science)

E xS force 4

Souls on board

Greetings from one of the Voyagers aboard the Robert C Seamans.

We are very close to Ra’iatea and solid land now.  Don’t know if I can walk on land. Most of the time I cannot walk very well on the ship either, at least not in a straight line.  I am lucky enough to be what is called a Voyager on this adventure, so I get to look at this experience from a different  angle. But  from my observations all appears to be going very well.

To all you parents who have students on this voyage, you can be very proud of them! They are all hard working, very smart and a load of fun to be around. They are very kind and oh so helpful to me.  Being a 70-year-old person, I am so encouraged by these young adults, that by the time we pass the torch off, they will be very capable to manage this World better than we have.There are four interns on the ship that are understudies for the crew. From what I observed of all of them, the SEA program will have no shortage of capable, able-bodied, friendly and helpful crew people to choose.

We have experienced a few interesting challenges along the way, as every good adventure will have. But through them all the professional crew has handled  themselves with steadfastness, quick thinking and grace!  There has never been one moment of doubt in any of them so therefore none in us. They are true professional sailors in every aspect. My cap is off to one and all!! There is another Voyager on this trip.  He is a gentleman from San Francisco who has his own sailing vessel. I know he has been a great asset to this voyage. He has been a delightful friend to share this adventure with.

I am not exactly sure how or why I got here to share this incredible experience with these wonderful people,  other than I asked and Captain Jay said “Yes.”  I was truly naïve and clueless, with absolutely no sailing background  and what was truly expected from  everyone to make a voyage like this successful.  But I know that we all will be better people when we walk off the Seamans in Tahiti.

We are Homeward bound!  Fair Winds and may the Seas follow to you all.

- Oleta Corry, B  Watch, Retired, Driggs, Idaho

PS.  Randy, I can smell the barn now.  Pet Norton and Louise for me until I can.  All the rest of my Life adventures will be with You!!  Please!

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#1. Posted by Peter Allen on May 01, 2019

As a parent of one of the students, thank you for the kind words. They confirm my favorable bias towards today’s young adults (and not just my daughter), and I am glad you have had a good voyage with them.
Thanks again,

#2. Posted by Brad & Linda on May 01, 2019

Great job Oleta. Looking forward to seeing you this summer and hearing all the details.

#3. Posted by Annie Hunter on May 03, 2019

Adventure of a lifetime!



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