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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

July 19, 2015

Closer to Land

Stephen Moran, Boston College

Protecting the Phoenix Islands

Early morning before the wind picked up. (Stephen Moran)

2° 20’ south x 170° 43’ west

Sail Plan
Sailing close hauled with Jib, Staysails and Main

Course steered
205 degrees True

Souls on Board

Anticipation is building here as we are told that after almost two full weeks at sea that we will finally be able to see land tomorrow assuming that all goes as planned.  Enderburry is the small island that we will be passing by in hopes of arriving in Kanton extremely soon. Just as we all were getting settled into our new routines of life at sea work has really picked up since we have entered PIPA really ramping up the amount of samples we take from the sea, not to mention our first paper being due in only a couple of days. 

It is nice to be sailing now, and not having to rely on the ships motor in order to cover the miles that we need to cover in order to keep to our schedule.  However, with this wind came a couple of showers.  As expected sailing around the equator has been quite warm but the rain we experienced today could not have felt better; it was the first time I have actually felt cool since starting the trip.  I never thought that I would be so happy to just stand out in a cool calm rain.

The water in the ocean here is an amazing shade of blue, nothing like the Great Lakes back at home, and to everyone back home I want to say hello!

- Stephen

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#1. Posted by Bonnie Quinn on July 20, 2015

Enjoy your journey with no worries!  We are all well and Thomas is exercising Beastyboy.  We are having a contest to see who can make the best running boots for him. ^_^ We are so proud of you and happy you are on such a grand adventure.  You and your new family at sea are in our thoughts and prayers always.
Love… Momma
To All,
It sounds like your mission is going well.  I know all of you must be looking forward to the next leg of this journey and exploring an island with beautiful plants and trees after two weeks of blue!  Thank you for sharing the wonderful photography and detailed descriptions of your journey. You have done such a amazing job I often feel like I am seeing, smelling and feeling the experience right beside you.  I look forward to reading all about the islands and seeing the beauty captured through the lens of your camera.
To Captain Pamela and the rest of the ship’s company,
Thank you for taking our precious student’s under your wing.  Your guidance, knowledge, and contagious love and appreciation of the deep blue sea are priceless gifts.

#2. Posted by Don Smith on July 20, 2015

Hope you enjoyed the “shower”!  It has been extremely hot here in Greenwood too. I hope your having fun and we look forward to your turn on the blog!  Love ya!!! 

“May the winds and the tides be in your favor!”

#3. Posted by Chris Losco on July 21, 2015

Hey Stephen!
You probably won’t get this for a while, but I’ve been following these posts everyday at work. I’m pretty jealous that you’ve gotten to spend your summer doing something amazing like this; as you can imagine, my anticipation for my own trip has been through the roof. Hope you’re having the time of your life. We’ll have a lot to talk about when we see each other again!


#4. Posted by Beth on July 21, 2015

I have been folloeing everyone’s post…I love them!! Enjoy every second. i love you.



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