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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

July 16, 2014


Matt Hirsch, Third Assistant Scientist


CHIRP bottom profiler shows our anchor reaching the seafloor off of Enderbury.

3° 07’ 36.00” S x 171° 08’ 16.80” W

Near Enderbury Island

It has been a long couple of weeks, but we finally heard the cry of “Land Ho!” as we approached the Island of Enderbury. There are about 10 palm trees on the island, some other vegetation, and a plethora of birds. While I was asleep this morning, the crew on watch dropped the anchor but it did not hold. On our second attempt to anchor in the afternoon we found a shallower location and paid out the anchor slowly rather than just letting it go. I was in the lab keeping an eye on CHIRP (our depth sounder/bottom profiler that makes a sound like a bird), and it was remarkable to see the anchor being lowered and touching the bottom in real time.

Everybody is glad to have reached our first ‘rock’, and I’m hopeful that people have enjoyed the journey to get here as well. Our companions Cam and Tane spent time collecting fish samples from the reef near the shore and some of our crew scouted out the area for safe beach landings today, but the island is not very approachable. Some of our future stops should prove to be more hospitable with lagoons to provide safe harbors for our vessel.

- Matt

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