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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 11, 2019

Character Studies

Weronika Konwent, Sailing Intern, B Watch


Above: A busy boat, getting ready to set the mains’l; Below: A personality; The beginnings of a plantain bonanza day; Sunsets on the elephant table, everyone is peachy and happy

Present Location
17°15.2’ N x 063° 51.6’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and sail plan
COG 010, 6.5 knots, staysl’s, mains’l, and jib

Wind ENE, Beaufort force 4, 29° C

Souls on board

We’re moving towards the end, solidifying friendships, falling into easy routines, becoming confident and competent. More than skills and learning, our personhood is shining through, and as Megan mentioned at the end of our last watch, we are working towards bettering ourselves. Here we are:

Aft cabin: Jason: Captain cracking dad jokes and wearing all khaki outfits – he worries about safety but loves fun Jeff: An absolute kook, sailcloth bucket hat ever present, Jeff attends every sunrise and always has a kind word MJ: Overall-wearing, big hug giving, PLANTAIN making, MJ takes care of our health and poses big important questions while being loud and exciting

Mates: Kevo: patient and always willing to teach, Kevo hides from the sun, an undercurrent of laughter running through it all Colin: valuing speed and precision, Colin comes alive while storytelling and can beautifully talk and talk and talk the dawn hours away Megan: thoughtful and kind, Megan is exactly my idea of a sailing woman, all windy and sun-loved, she licks her plates clean and speaks of sails breathing and hearts singing

Scientists: Bonnie: Bug supporter, Bonnie is ever patient and so very competent in the lab - she paints beautiful watercolors on the quarterdeck and evidently loves the sea Jordan: Always the first to help, Jordan knows exactly how to scoop cookies and lets us make our own mistakes and achievements – the silliest of dawn watch gigglers Supi: cribbage expert, Supi always has a giant grin ready for a trick or a treat, she leads the breakfast brigade

Galley: Kim: always ready with praise, Kim says yes to all wacky and beloved ideas and feeds our hearts and stomachs while impressively knowing all of the words to songs Swhitcher: so strong and so competent, Swhitch can do anything – in the rigging, in the galley, sewing, chopping, experimenting with fermentation, she moves with confidence and grace.

Engineering: Henry: always ready for a hug, Henry is a creative problem solver always carve carve carving away, making things, a creator Sonia: joy always waiting at the surface, Sonia moves through the world with great appreciation for people and beauty, ready to pump grease and to teach how to pump grease.

Interns: Giselle: large hat wearing, low-slung rig knife bearing, Giselle is ready with an anecdote, a friendly smile, a check in Paige: full of beautiful words, Paige cares about people, happy to talk of books and self, she does jumping jacks on the foredeck and brings poems to storytime Lydia: ready to lift others up, Lydia chases the fullness of experience, basking in the beauty of our reality Lila: a small lion, Lila leads with her voice – shouting sailing commands, singing, telling jokes and making games Justin: bright pattern wearing, fantasy loving, tongue in cheek pun swinging, Justin treats the boat like home Riley: a new hairdo every day, Riley lifts the ship in song, a soft smile always at the ready Jen: can do anything, one crazy story after another, she moves with the wind and her own calling, drinks mate and wears new and exciting earrings, making up songs as she goes Jenna: always looking out for ship and shipmates, Jenna is so very reliable, she thinks of others and is ready to share.

Students: Ollie: enthused, loves to be on deck and in the wind, Ollie says good morning every morning Charlotte: thoughtful, grateful, and kind, Charlotte moves surely in the things she does, and goes above and beyond to be helpful Liam: greets each person by name, deck box nap taker, Liam fits right in on the water Izac: full of gratitude, Izac delights in the here and now and the moments as they occur Sarah: always paying attention, Sarah works so hard, and it shows – she always seems calm cool and collected Fred: always ready to help, the first one to arrive at each watch, Fredo notices the small things and sees the beauty of every working part – and is grateful for it Alicia: Quick with a quip, Alicia is a yes-gal, willing to try her hand at anything, eater of bread and cheese, an extraordinary listener Nick: googly-eyed hat wearing, Simon and Garfunkel singing, Nick’s shy grin catches by surprise and always prompts a smile back – moving slowly but surely, he clearly basks in the sense of being a sailor on the sea  Natalie: ridiculous creepy-crawly lover, Nat brings joy to everyone, with her stories and facial expressions and one-liners – she has taken to this life like a worm to soil and acts with an unassuming confidence.

It’s been beautiful, getting to know everyone. And I can’t help but feel that this is a special place and way to do so – away from phones and distractions, stuck together but each following our own routines, having to live life simply and enjoy the world around us. How lucky we are, to have this experience and opportunity!

- Wika, B Watch

PS:  Howdy to all of the friends and family my mum sent this blog to. Should have seen it coming :D

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#1. Posted by Savine on November 13, 2019

Oh my, what a delight and joy to read. Thank you for these wonderful tales and introductions!

#2. Posted by Cindy from Wisconsin on November 13, 2019

This was such fun to read!!!  A very creative way to share the feel of the Souls on Board.  What a unique adventure with this crew.  Savor the last days!!!

#3. Posted by Walter on November 13, 2019

Thanks so much for these great sketches of the ship’s company. I imagine others feel as I do, that while I really look forward to seeing my kid and hearing the stories, I also wish this adventure could go on longer. All the best!

#4. Posted by Nick Downes on November 14, 2019

Great post… enjoy your last days together, this is the good stuff — squeeze every last drop out of it!

#5. Posted by Mike Raker on November 14, 2019

Thank you so much for the beautiful descriptions of the members of your seafaring family. A truly wonderful blog posting. Thanks!

#6. Posted by Astrid on November 16, 2019

Wonderful post - enjoy and savor…...
„The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” » Jacques Cousteau

Love to all and big hug to Frederik,



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