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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer



Change is in the air

Tim Patrick, 2nd Mate
Ocean Exploration

Sailing onward

18° 10’ North by 055° 1.5’ West

Description of location
Deep blue sea from horizon to horizon.

180° Per Steering Compass

A swift 5 knots undersail!

Weather / Wind
SE, Beaufort Force 4, Sea SE 3ft, The sun is shining through scattered clouds.

1938.0 nm

Souls on Board

Change is in the air. Whether our crew knows it or not, they have come a long way from Woods Hole and I am not counting the sea miles. I see it in our crew everyday as they begin stepping up to the plate. I remember their green faces as we set out around Martha's Vineyard and powered south to get past the Gulf Stream. Every face expressed the same perplexed look during those first few days of remaining hove-to; "is it ALWAYS like this" as the ship pitched to and fro! Those days are well behind us now as students have had the chance to see the weather change and influence on our decision making. Do we go further east or make tracks south???  All questions the students will have to start asking themselves and discussing with the Captain as they prepare to assume more responsibility of the ship in the Junior Officer Phase of our passage.

We have safely made it over 1800 nautical miles from our berth in New England and have spent each day developing our skills as mariners. Each student aboard readily takes the wheel and holds our ship on course. All aboard are plotting our position every hour to maintain an updated log and are competent with celestial navigation. They will be able to hold their heads high with proud knowledge of their new found skills. Skills many of them do not realize they have yet as we will be transitioning into this next phase, we will be asking more of them. To lead their watch. To make timely and wise decisions, to follow the Captain's orders and much more. The staff aboard will begin to take a back seat and watch our student crew rise to the challenges before them.

The chance to drive a tall ship under-sail well out to sea is a rare opportunity and our students are having an experience they will speak of forever. Days have passed by, one after the other. Sunsets have inspired. New (to us) scientific discoveries have been made. Community has beencreated over a rocking dinner table. A change has taken root. Their peers ashore will no longer recognize them as they return home, sailors, from their first ocean passage.

This is your Second (to none) Mate signing off,

P.S. miss you, birdie!!!

Some side notes from crew:

Happy Anniversary Christina. Love you lots. Can't wait to see you soon! -Mercer

Happy Birthday Momma -Love from your favorite daughter Sonia!! p.s. I'm doing great and I miss you!

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#1. Posted by Judy Pollock on November 09, 2017

Ah thanks Sonia! It was an amazing day and we missed you! Really enjoying following the blog… such an awesome adventure! Mom



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