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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 19, 2016

Capturing Cádiz

Allie Dumas, Kenyon College

The Global Ocean: Europe

C-Watch aloft after the line chase (From left to right: Persis, Kiernan, Allie, Jared, Ellen)

Docked in the Port of Cádiz

Souls on Board

Life on land has been great, but it is time to say goodbye for a little while. Cádiz came at the perfect moment. I watched as my shipmates recharged, and experienced all that Cádiz had to offer. When you have not been on a journey such as this before a little relief at a port stop is great to have. You get a chance to explore and think about all the things you experienced on the boat. It is often hard to reflect underway because of the busy schedule. When you are not on watch, you are often catching up on missed sleep, or homework. You have a little spare time to reflect in a journal, but that time is often spent trying to hangout with shipmates, or appreciate your surroundings such as the Straits of Gibraltar or charismatic mega fauna. 

As we set off today for Madeira this afternoon, I still can’t believe yesterday marked the halfway point of our voyage. The first night I spent on this ship underway I felt like my world had been turned upside down, as Elliot would say. It sounded like the crew was speaking gibberish to me, and I couldn’t figure out which way was up. Today, three weeks in with three weeks to go I am being asked to lead as Junior Watch Officers, along with my shipmates. We have learned so many concepts such as points of sail, line handling, chart work, knots, and how to properly do boat checks. Now we are being asked to put these concepts to full use. The ship has becoming more than just a group of people, but a community, and even a family within the watch groups. The boat has become more than a place to sleep and leave our bags, it has become our home.

It is hard to explain, but somehow I feel I have gained a greater connection to the ship I did not have a week ago. When you have nine days on the ship without access to land you experience so much, memories you will never forget. I have been through a watch with 10-12 foot waves ending with a C-Watch group huddle around the wheel box. I have also seen numerous dolphins, whales, and turtles, and experienced what the ship looks like from aloft. Without these memories, my view of the ship would be very different.

All of us have had different experiences, and seen different things while on watch, but all have gained unforgettable memories much the same. This is what makes us such a special community. We have bonded through these shared experiences.  As we sail through our last three weeks, I hope you all are able to get a glimpse of what an amazing trip this has been.

Goodbye for now!

P.S. Hi fam, I’m glad all is well. John, good luck in the rest of your season proud of you! Miss you all, see you for Thanksgiving!!

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#1. Posted by William P. Jacobus on October 19, 2016

Well Gang(And of course Ellen, who I have a slight intrigue about),
Lovely job on the Blog and traveling through Cadiz.  Looks and sounds absolutely fantastic.  As a land based parent, I remain obsessed with wonderful sea endeavors.  Yet a sailer, I am not.  Everything looks fantastic indeed and I remain grateful for all info passed on through the blog entries, yet I remain furnishing a complaint:  tell me more personal stuff.  The more details and intriguing entries, the better!  What all were doing, when strung out on the sail?  Mention the recent water tests done(?).  Perhaps the consumption of a bowl of cold brussel sprouts(?)  I don’t know, but the more specifics, presented in a fun way, the better!  My quest for knowledge remains, plus my intrigue of how are things really going.  Come on blog writers, enlighten me!  Keep the videos coming! Great stuff!, Cheers, Bill

#2. Posted by William P Jacobus on October 20, 2016

Dear Sailing Gang!,
Influenced by the Republican nominee (Prince Donald) for president, I will never apologize for perhaps a recent guffaw in my comment yesterday, but I must at least mention it.  I didn’t realize there were so many Blog entries!  I thought they only came out once a week.  I missed viewing the entries for a couple weeks, and regret such action and then I bitched and whined.  Alas, What you gonna do?  Heck, I even missed my own daughter’s piece.  I wanted more entries with more details.  The writings by the student sailors are fantastic!! Keep them up.  Good work and keep them coming.

#3. Posted by Rose Sword on October 20, 2016

Great blog! Wonderful insight into this once in a lifetime - for many if not most! As you probably won’t read this until in port, hope you had smooth sailing to Madeira.



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