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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 09, 2015

C-261 Students Have Arrived

The students of SEA Semester class C-261, Historic Seaports of Western Europe, are all safely aboard the Corwith Cramer.  They will spend the first few days alongside in Cork, Ireland before beginning their ocean voyage through Europe.  Watch this blog for updates from the students & crew over the next four weeks.

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#1. Posted by Dawn on July 09, 2015

Have a blast Alex!!!  So proud of you!

#2. Posted by Grammy on July 10, 2015

So excited for you and the adventure you are having. Enjoy every moment.

#3. Posted by Joanne leone on July 10, 2015

Alex, hope you enjoyed your time in Cork and first leg of your sea adventure!  Love you!  Mom

#4. Posted by Alex Leone on July 11, 2015

Hey alex hope alls well I am guessing you will be leaving Ireland soon - have fun

Love you dad!

#5. Posted by Susanne Case on July 11, 2015

Alex, Hope all is going well, so proud of you.

#6. Posted by Jamie Schicho on July 12, 2015

Hi Jamie,
I hope you are having a blast and learning tons. We made it home safely. We got to sail in a race on a Hanse 37’(almost exactly like our Beneteau) except in full foul weather gear and life jackets in July out of Kinsale.  Everyone we talked to assured us it would get warmer and warmer for you as you head south!  We wish we could have seen your boat sailing away. We love you. smile Mom & Dad

#7. Posted by Paul Leone on July 13, 2015


Let us know how you’re doing when you hit some dry land

Love, dad

#8. Posted by Susanne Case on July 13, 2015

We miss you, but we know you are having the time of your life.  Enjoy.

Love, Grammy

#9. Posted by Alberto on July 13, 2015


A new adventure is opening for you.  Make the best of it. Learn and make lifelong friends.  Will see you in Madtid awaiting your stories.

Te amo,

Papi y Mami

You guys, take care of each other watch and learn this is a unique opportunity you are blessed to enjoy!!!

#10. Posted by mom on July 15, 2015

So excited for you… have a wonderful and memorable journey.  Love you Miranda. Big hug.  Mom

#11. Posted by Susanne Case on July 15, 2015

Alex,  So happy to hear from you, sounds like you are having a productive time.  Love you, Grammy

#12. Posted by Susanne Case on July 19, 2015

Alex and friends,
Good luck on this next leg of your adventure.  Love, Grammy



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