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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

November 13, 2014

C-256: Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean


The students of C-256, Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean, will join the SSV Corwith Cramer by Friday, November 14th. They will end their voyage around December 23rd in St. Croix.

Ship’s Company
Captain: Seán Bercaw
Chief Mate: Sarah Herard
2nd Mate: Willi Leathers
3rd Mate: Kevin Murray
Engineer: Mickey Cavacas
Asst Engineer: Tanner Tillotson
Steward: Nina Murray
Chief Scientist: Jeff Schell
Asst. Scientist: Matt Hirsch
Asst. Scientist: Jessica Donahue
Asst. Scientist: Gabrielle Page
Maritime Studies: Craig Marin
Sailing Intern: Caitlin O’Morchoe
Sailing Intern: Farley Miller
Sailing Intern: Michele Barutha

Visiting Faculty
Dr. Clare Morrall
St Georges University – Grenada

Scientific Voyagers
Nicholas Dragone
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL).  Studying the Plastisphere as well as collecting Sargassum samples for DNA analysis.  

Anne Osborn, C-247
Taylor Sehein, C-241
Affiliated with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).  Studying the transport of toxic dinoflagellates on marine debris and Sargassum.

Maritime Voyagers
Ger Liang
Author and historian of whaling industry, photography, graphic design.

Tyler Putman
PhD student from University of Delaware in the American Civilization Department. Researching and reproducing some of the garments worn by Atlantic sailors in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Matthew Porter
Mystic Seaport Museum of America

Christopher Bunn, Colorado College
Policy and practice regarding the control of the invasive lion fish (Dominica. St. Maarten)

Sarah “Winnie” Davis, Sewanee
Issues of regulation and sustainability in the whale watching industry (Canary Islands, Dominica)

Heather Gaya, Whitman College
Impact of deforestation and role of forest resource management across islands (Canary Islands, Dominica, St. Maarten)

Zachary Godfrey, Rhodes College
Place of Creole language in Caribbean cultures (Dominica, St. Maarten, USVI)

Rebecca Hadik, Clark University
Development and continuing role of syncretic religions (Canary Islands, Dominica, St. Maarten)

Emma Hayward, Eugene Lang College
Port facility development and relation to island economies (Canary Islands, Dominica, St. Maarten)

Megan Lubetkin, Bates College
Sustainability in tourist access to coral reefs (Canary Islands, Dominica, St. Maarten, USVI)

Mary “Missy” Velez, Colgate University
Management and current status of small-scale fisheries (Canary Islands, Dominica)




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