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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 09, 2014

C254 Blog 09 July 2014

Mo Howard / Ryan Furey, University of Rhode Island / Harvard University


A view from the chart plotter: Passing through the busy English Channel shipping route during today's afternoon watch.

48° 12. 96’ N x 05° 08. 48’W
Sail plan
Sailing on a port tack under the Main and Stay’sl with the moon in the sky, like a big pizza pie

Bon Jour from French waters!
Mo and Ryan here, reporting for C-254 13 miles off the coast of France! After one of the crew (we won’t say who) broke the cardinal rule of not touching the “Winder-starker,” Cramer’s on board weather controlling handle, we had a brief bout of winds lighter than the horse latitudes. However, after hanging said crew member’s shoes off the starboard quarter, Neptune granted us good luck and better winds, and we are on track to arrive at Douarnenez Bay a day ahead of schedule.

All of us are excited to arrive in France and try our hands at the language of love, but right now it sounds mostly like the language of guttural noises and bad accents. To make up for our lack of knowledge in the French language department, Professor Dan has been helping us to refine our foundational knowledge of the North Atlantic’s influence on the very region we are sailing through.

The sailing has been near perfect, the students have been non-stop learning, Captain Elliot, Professor Dan, and the crew, have been constantly teaching, and the Cramer has been movin’ and groovin’. Most importantly, though, the food has been so delicious that the Cramer is going to have to empty some tanks just to make up for the number of cookies Ryan’s consumed. Even Mo’s gluten free cookies (that usually taste like cardboard), are to die for, thanks to Lauren our steward.

Urgent news from the quarter deck:
LAND HO!! As of 22:48 English Summer Time (-1 from GMT), we have our first sight of the land of baguettes, wine and cheese!! We are currently just sighting 7 lighthouses, including the worlds famous Ouessant!! Can’t wait to see what the Douarnenez has to offer, until then.  As they said in good old Cork, “Slainte!”

- Mo & Ryan

Mo: Hey, Mom and Dad! Just wanted to let you know, I am alive! Life couldn’t be better! Sorry I wasn’t able to call before setting sail, but I’ll call from France -Love and miss you both tons
P.S Happy belated birthday to the best big brother, Justin! Hope it was very red, white and blue -Miss you and Mx so much, wish you guys could see Ouessant!

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