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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 28, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 28 June 2014

Audrey Meyer, C253 Chief Scientist

Above: Final cruise track of C253. Below, right: C253 class photo

51° 53.9’N x 008° 27.8’W
Cork, Ireland

It’s very early on a gorgeous Saturday morning. We’re safely secured to the dock in downtown Cork, after a scenic transit of about 14 miles up the river from the Irish coast. We tied up at about 1730 yesterday, enjoyed a delicious All Hands dinner of pesto and fresh bread, and shared a final evening’s swizzle that showcased the many talents of our shipmates.

The ship is already starting to stir awake with morning activity. I can hear Sayzie in the galley preparing breakfast and, as usual, it smells divine. Carolyn is doing morning wakeups, Lily is standing watch on the quarterdeck (I think I can hear her singing), and a couple other sleepy shipmates just wandered by to say ‘good morning.’ SEA Semester C253 will be over when we gather on the quarterdeck for one last muster after breakfast. It’s a bittersweet morning; goodbyes to shipmates are always sad, even when those goodbyes mean that we’ll each be headed on to our next adventures. Although we’ll likely never all be together again, we will forever treasure the special memories of being part of a wonderful group of shipmates who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean together. 3046 nautical miles –- how cool is that!
A heartfelt thanks to you, my 34 shipmates, for such a fabulous voyage.  We accomplished much good sailing and science together in the past month, and I look forward to hearing of your future adventures in the months and years to come.

Fair winds and following seas!

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