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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 24, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 24 June 2014

Liz Carter, C watch, Bridgewater State University


My perfect plastic project partners, Polly and Beckett Photo credit: Dan Stone

51° 08.8’N x 011° 52.2’W
079° T
6 Knots
16.5° C, slight cloud coverage and windless

Hi everyone!
Liz Carter here, super excited it’s finally my turn for the blog! Life on the boat has been absolutely, completely, and entirely amazing. I cannot express in words how incredible this experience has been (but maybe I will make an attempt with interpretive dance at our talent show..) It took quite a bit of settling in and adjusting to, but eventually everybody fell into the swing of things and life has been great ever since. We have all learned SO much and come SO far, it’s hard to believe what’s been accomplished in just 24 short days. This last week has been filled with sunshine, bare feet, and an absurd amount of sea critters. We’’ve lost touch with most of our dolphin friends (we did see some a ways away this afternoon, but they were too busy to come say hi), but we’’ve made some new friends including basking sharks, pilot whales, and THOUSANDS of jellyfish. Also, we are friends with each other which is maybe even cooler than being friends with dolphins.>

With all of the love, excitement, and sunshine, it’s almost (but not quite) easy to forget about the huge amount of project work everyone has been cranking out for the last few days. The library has been filled and laptops have been traveling around ship like crazy for the last 24 hours. Today was the big day for the science students! Poster presentations! We had a chance to see what everyone else has been working on throughout the trip, as well as provide and receive a bit of peer reviewing. We still have the papers to wrap up, but just some tweaks here and there and we’ll all be good to go!

Something to note about this fine day is the amazing and truly appreciated guidance of our chief scientist, Audrey, and the three assistant scientists who have all been tremendously helpful with both our projects and the general day to day lab work. Also on that note, a big thanks to Captain Rick and the three mates who are also wonderful and greatly appreciated (they wore bowties today!) And hey, while I’m at it, I’’m going to throw in a big (maybe the biggest) thanks to Sayzie and Mickey, who have been keeping us all alive with delicious food and desalinated water! 

A “Land Ho!” sign-up sheet has been posted in the main saloon for those of us who want to be the first to spot land tomorrow. It has five minute slots ranging from 0300 to 1200 which is our expected time frame for land sightings. With only one spot per name, we’re going to have to be very careful when choosing our spots. Some other quick things: I’‘m pretty sure I see sea monsters and UFO’s on a daily basis, the bowsprit feels a lot higher when you’re jumping off of it, somebody went fishing with a pork chop today, I’‘ve never been this far North OR East, and what we lack in sleep is made up for with coffee coffee coffee all the live long day.

Peace and love to all,

I’’m going to end by sending some serious love to all of my family, friends, and fur babes. I’’ve been seriously slacking with my shout outs and I’’m so sorry about that. I’’ve been missing everyone TONS and I can’’t wait to kiss you all for days and days and days (*muah muah muah* lil’ babies).

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