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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 23, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 23 June 2014

Ben Ritter, A Watch, College of the Holy Cross


The reflection of the bowsprit off Atlantic glass. Photo cred to the ever amazing Sayzie.

50° 56.3’’N x 015° 00.5’’W
084° T
5.5 Knots
16.5° C, clear and windless

Top of the mornin’! Earlier this afternoon the Cramer officially crossed into Irish waters, a bittersweet milestone as we sail (and motor) ever closer to our final destination at Cork.  Today the Atlantic was nearly

unrecognizable from what we’’ve experienced these past three weeks – the sea was glass and incredibly calm. 

Earlier in the morning C Watch lab hands were kept busy deploying our deepest hydrocast yet, dubbed the “Styrocast.”  We decorated styrofoam cups and sent them down with the CTD to a depth of 2014 meters; when we brought it back up, we had a bucket of shrunken, colorful, tiny Styrofoam cups to keep as souvenirs. 

Today marked the beginning of the end for our courses, with science students preparing for posters presentations and LDE students finishing up self-assessments.  It’‘ll be a busy last few days, and we are all beginning to realize just how close we are to the end and how life-changing this trip has been.  Our message in the bottle was sent overboard, and we’‘ve begun to exchange addresses to stay in touch after we all step off the boat.  It’s absolutely amazing to see how far we’‘ve come and how close we all are. We’’re all wishing for strong winds to sail us into Cork! 

To end, here’‘s our ship’s most popular sea shanty:

Paddy lay back, (paddy lay back)
Take in the slack, (take in the slack)
Take a turn round the capstone heave a pawl (heave a pawl!)
Around the ships’ stations boys be handy, (handy)
Bound for Valparaiso round the Horn (round the Horn!)

- Ben

Jackie (aka Jacqwillin): Jake, congrats on graduating, sorry I missed it! Mom and dad please feed me pizza and bagels when I get home. Miss and love you all! See you soon xox
Papa Carrico check your home gmail account for port information! Love Polly
Dani: Hi family! Love you all, miss you all! Spam, sorry for missing your graduation I’ll have to take you out for ice cream when I get home. Tell everyone Hi and that I love them, see you soon.
Gabby says hi to family and friends, can’’t wait to see you all soon.
To Anna’s family-I’’m so glad. Can’‘t wait to talk to you when we dock. Ari, I can’’t wait for our trip!
Last and best, from Ben R: Love you family, this trip has been dope and I’‘m ready to commit to a life at sea. Can’’t wait to see you soon!

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