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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 17, 2014

C253 Web Blog - 17 June 2014

Hunter Jones, A Watch, Eckerd College


Chillin’ on the bowsprit on a beautiful sunny afternoon after field day.  (Photo Credit: Ben R.)

45° 51.5’ N x 030° 53.4’ W
Course Ordered
068 degrees true
18.5°C with light winds and a few clouds

We have now been on the Cramer for seventeen days! This seems insane to me, but on the other hand I can hardly remember land life. We are ending our 17th day, which means about ten days left on the Cramer. The past seventeen days have been a mix of hard work, utter happiness, exhaustion, excitement, and a pure learning experience. I feel I have learned about a whole other world I couldn’’t have tried to figure out without experiencing it. 

There has been so much for us to learn, from sail handling to processing a neuston tow. Although it has been so much, it’s not like college. Everything we do is a hands-on learning experience, which makes it feel as though you’re not learning, but just enjoying. In addition to learning boat and lab skills, you also learn about how to work in a group as a whole, in a different way than normal. The boat relies on each one of us, but we also rely on each other. Being on a watch together you get to learn each person’’s personality and how each one of us fits among the group and in each job that needs to get done. We each have our own jobs we excel at which in turn makes a great teaching dynamic among each other.

The past 24 hours I have been shadow for deck and lab, which means I am shadowing the mate on deck and assistant scientist in lab (on two different watches). Each one of us will shadow this week, giving us the opportunity to test our knowledge and learn even more. Being the shadow means you are managing everything to get done on the boat and the crew (students), under the supervision of the mate or scientist. I was most nervous for deck shadowing, although once getting into the role, it became exhilarating, as I really began to realize how much I know and how well my watch works together.

Overall, the past seventeen days will be something I will never forget, from sitting on the bowsprit with dolphins jumping below you to understanding how each sail works and how to sail the Cramer. The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days. In fact so nice I am really sunburnt. The nice weather has brought much happiness among everyone as on our night watches we have been able to see the moon rise, the stars, and the sunrise. During the day we have been able to wear fewer layers and enjoy the sun as well as nap on the deck. All in all we have less than a thousand miles left on our track to Ireland and will see our families shortly.

- Hunter

To my family: I love and miss you guys and can’’t wait to see you soon.
Ben S. Sends love to his family.
To Ellice’’s mom: Hearts and unicorns.
To Arianne’‘s family: I saw the moonrise. S, soon.

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