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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

June 19, 2014

C253 Web Blog 19 June 2014

Benjamin Sturmer, B-Watch, Maine Maritime Academy


Sunrise starting another awesome day! (Photo by: Maggie)

48° 33’’ N x 025° 46’’ W
6.5 Knots
16°C, cloudy (Sc), wind 15 knots- SExS

Hey land lovers,
We are currently sailing (wind jammin’) over the Atlantic Mid-Ocean Ridge. I find it fascinating and so does our lab equipment with the chlorophyll A readings totally different from anything we have experienced so far! Hopefully in one of our next deployments we will catch some type of awesome sea creature that none of us has ever seen before!

Starting a few days ago, our trip switched over to navigating by celestial means only.  The students and the crew have had the sextants out nearly every watch working on taking sun lines, and star fixes so that we stay on track to Ireland!  I was so excited to learn to sail by the stars, and it is feeling great to finish the trip this way!

I personally have had such an awesome time being out on the water sailing, seeing awesome sunrises, and learning about how to handle a sailing vessel like the Cramer.  I wish we could stay out on the water longer than the trip is planned for, and I think most of the class would agree with me on that! Living out here is so much different than living on land.  There is much less stress here, you learn to live simply, and you have so much more peace! This trip has taught us a lot about each other and ourselves, and every day we grow closer.


Mom, Dad, Jerry, Sunny, and Cross Fam, Love and miss all of you! Enjoying the trip and all of natural beauty out here!  Thank you for the support!

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