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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

March 21, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 21 March 2014

Janet Bering, 3rd Assistant Scientist


Members of C-watch (Kyle, Max and Anne) standing watch seriously.

18° 20.4’ N x 64° 20.5’ W
Variable as we made our way through the Drake Channel
Winds E F4, sea 3 ft, 31C (It’s a scorcher!)

With just three more nights on board the ship, the marvelous adventure that our voyage has been is coming to a close. This morning we are finishing the last bit of our open water sailing as we head closer to the Virgin Islands. It was great to have a few nights underway in open ocean in between Montserrat and the VI to enjoy! We headed into the Sir Frances Drake Channel at 1300. Sailing through the channel today with an experienced crew was a much different experience than motoring through the channel just a few short weeks ago! We are planning on sailing around until tomorrow morning when we anchor up in St. John.

Everyone has been working really hard this past week on the Cramer, but it is finally paying off. The students completed their scientific research projects yesterday, with the last paper handed in at 2315, right before the 2359 deadline. The projects all went very well and the staff was, as always, very impressed with the hard work and dedication apparent in the projects. Nice work y’all!  In the past week, all the students are becoming more comfortable in their role as JWO. They have grown accustomed to organizing their watch and working together as a team to make sure the ship is run smoothly and safely.

The combination of the students finishing up projects and learning how to JWO has caused the atmosphere on board the ship to become relatively relaxed. The release of stress on board the ship was palpable and everyone had a lovely afternoon hanging out and enjoying the view. Some students have had opportunities to go aloft and do other fun things on board. Many are definitely not ready to leave. Most importantly, we all have time to spend with this wonderful community and time to reflect on this amazing journey.

Reading back over previous blog entries it is remarkable how many adventures go unrecorded here. Each crew member will have many more stories to share when we arrive home, even if it takes a few days or weeks to find the right words to tell them.

Personally, this is my last sailing trip for a while, so I definitely empathize with how the students are feeling! There are so many wonderful things about being out here that you just cannot get back on land. There is nothing more gorgeous than a sunset over the open ocean and nothing stronger than the bond between shipmates. I am definitely going to miss it!


Marissa - I definitely thought to myself “What would Marissa do?” when I was planning my final field day outfit. Wish you were here! Also, hi Mom and hi Dan!

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