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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

February 15, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 15 February 2014

Janet Bering, 3rd Assistant Scientist


Mo, Courcelle, Max, Katie, Anne, Lenna, Matt Harrison and Thom on the foredeck as we sailed by El Morro and left San Juan Harbor.

Current Location
18° 34.7’N x 66° 07.6’W
005° Ship Speed: 5.8 knots
clear with a few cumulus clouds, force 4 easterly winds

Greetings from the Atlantic Ocean! Class C251 is officially underway heading north (ish) (and hopefully east!) from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are sailing full and by, beating to windward as we make our way towards Antigua, our first port stop.

Last night and this morning were spent training the students in essential aspects of shipboard life. Orientations were given on everything from how to do dishes to operating the science winch. By learning these basic skills, the students can begin to be effective crew members on board the Cramer. We also ran drills on several emergency scenarios, so that the entire ships company is prepared in case such a situation should arrive. There are many idiosyncrasies to ship board life, and many important safety practices that must be followed exactly, so the students still have a lot to learn. In a few days, more things will start to feel routine and the students will realize how much they can learn in a short time.

After we finished orientations and safety drills, it was at long last time to set sail! We left San Juan Harbor past El Morro, the fort that has been guarding the harbor for centuries. We set the four lower sails and turned off the engine. Leaving our safe harbor, we now are setting out on our journey across the Caribbean. This first leg of our journey will be beating into the strong easterly trades and doing much scientific sampling to analyze the subtropical waters of the Atlantic, until we reach Antigua in a bit over a week. Personally I am so excited for this trip and I can’’t wait to see what adventures we will have!

- Janet

PS. Hi Mom, Dad, MARISSA! And Dan Miller.

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