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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

March 10, 2014

C251 Web Blog - 10 March 2014

Kevin Murray, 3rd Mate


Sunrise over Bequia

At Anchor, Admiralty Bay, Bequia
Beaufort force 4, ENE

Hello! This is your Third Mate Kevin Murray signing in. The Corwith Cramer has made its way to Admiralty Bay, Bequia as of 0800 today. There was a lot of great sailing between Tobago Cays and Bequia. Being on the Caribbean side of the lesser Antilles we really got to see what Cramer could do! I am the watch officer for A Watch and it was amazing to see how much my watch and all the crew have come along! On our dawn watch (0300-0700) we gybed 3 times as we worked our way to windward for our approach to Admiralty Bay. Everyone knew right where to go for every sail evolution and it all went very smoothly. Mo was the Shadow and did a great job of keeping track of all the parts that make Cramer run smoothly. I am really looking forward to seeing the students take the con as the JWO (junior watch officer) phase begins.

Anyway, I was aboard Cramer all day and now have a bit of shore leave after dinner! I am very excited to find some ice cream and see what this island has to offer!


Hi Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Keara, and everyone else out there! I love you all! Special shout out to Maia’s Mom!

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