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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 09, 2019

C-288: Atlantic Odyssey


The gap-year students of Class C-288, Atlantic Odyssey, join the SSV Corwith Cramer in Woods Hole on Oct. 11 for a long, blue-water passage south, ending in St. Croix, USVI, on Nov. 18, after stops in Dominica and St. John.


A Watch
Riley Palmer
Ollie Downes
Justin Freck
Sarah Acker-Krzywicki
Lila Glansberg
Izak Raker

B Watch
Paige Dempsey
Alicia Pane
Weronika Konwent
Nick Hofman
Lydia Wasmer
Natalie Summers

C Watch
Giselle Hart
Liam Carroll
Jenna Lilly
Charlotte Pontifell
Jen Smola
Fred Hoffman


Master: Jason Quilter
Chief Mate: Kevin Murray, A Watch
2nd Mate: Colin Graham, B Watch
3rd Mate: Megan Frey, C Watch
Engineer: Henry Cylkowski
Assistant Engineer: Sonia Pollock
Steward: Kim Reed Nutt
Assistant Steward: Sarah Whitcher
Chief Scientist: Jeff Schell
Assistant Scientist: Bonny Clarke, C Watch
Assistant Scientist: Jordan Eckstein, A Watch
Assistant Scientist:Sophie Vallas, B Watch
Instructor: MJ Fernandez
AB: JenSmola
Sailing Intern: Lydia Wasmer
Sailing Intern: Justin Freck
Sailing Intern: Lila Glansberg
Sailing Intern: Paige Dempsey
Sailing Intern: Riley Palmer
Sailing Intern: Weronika Konwent
Sailing Intern: Jenna Lilly
Sailing Intern: Giselle Hart

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