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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

March 26, 2015

Bon Voyagé!

Michael Torselli , B Watch, Roger Williams University

Oceans & Climate

Preparing to leave Christchurch, New Zealand! All hands are on deck, the mountains are at our backs, and the ocean is at the bowspirit. Pictured: Tim, Michael, Maya, Leah, and Ariana. Photo taken by Claudia Mazur.

Current Position
43° 35.19’ x 172° 49.48’

Course & Speed
061°; East at 7 knots

Sail Plan
Forward Stays’l and Main Stays’l set

Mostly cloudy, light wind, 19° C/67° F

Souls on Board

After a few exciting days in the beautiful country of New Zealand, we are now under way and headed to our first stop, the Chatham Islands. Together we have traveled to the other side of the planet (with FAR too many mishaps…), explored foreign places, hiked great peaks, and so much more. However, the time has come to set sail into the South Pacific.

The towering, vibrant mountains of Lyttelton are shrinking into the distance, while more and more of the strikingly teal ocean surrounds our new home, the SSV Robert C. Seamans. SEA has never sailed this cruise area before, so these are truly new waters for all of us. This brings us novel opportunities for science, exploration, and adventure, as well as an abundance of enthusiasm. The diversity, magnificence, and awe of the “Middle-Earth” that we left behind will be missed, but the excitement of our destinations and discoveries compel us to sail on. I could not have more intelligent, dedicated, and talented classmates and crew members to teach me and accompany me on this unforgettable journey. I look forward to learning more and enjoying every day we spend together in this unique part of the world.

- Michael

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#1. Posted by MONICA DURAN on March 26, 2015

I follow you!!

#2. Posted by Joan thompson on March 26, 2015

Greetings sailors! You have just begun your sea journey together.  I am so excited for you,Maya, and all of your fellow student researchers. When you get this email—you will already have your sea legs and some amazing stories to tell. Joan Thompson. Maya’s mom.

#3. Posted by Matt on March 26, 2015

Do be wary of the Pirates, remember what we talked about; avoid the mermaids and their seductive ways. We miss you and hope you have not contracted scurvy yet, hopefully you have mastered sea shanties by now.

Forever yours,

Matt, Austin, Sarah

#4. Posted by Paul Chomiak on March 27, 2015

Bon Voyage and safe travels class S-258!

#5. Posted by Roberta -Michae'ls Mom on March 30, 2015

Michael, Bon voyage’ and safe travels to you and your class and crew. Great to see your picture, you all look great. Hope everyone adjusts quickly.



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