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July 27, 2019

Boat trip!

Isabelle Rosenblum & Erik Geertsma, Waldorf School of Garden City & Easthampton High School

SEA Semester

Above: Sampling!; below: Amelia sitting on the dock.

Today we went to Penikese Island. To get there, we went on a boat called Richard S. Edwards. On this boat, we did several different activities related to oceanography. We tested the sediment on the bottom of the ocean below our boat using a dredge technique. We also tested the clarity of the water by dropping a white disc into the water and seeing when it disappeared from our vision. We did a similar exercise with different colored M&Ms. After we did all of our boat activities, we pulled up to Penikese Island. One half of our group did beach sampling while the other went on a tour of the island, and then after that, we did the reverse. The tour was very educational. The island used to be a Leper Colony. We walked by the cemetery where some of the patients were buried. We also walked by some cisterns which used to be used for marine biological studies. All in all, we gathered a lot of valuable information from this trip to Penikese Island. It was a unique experience and we got to try out hand at beach sampling for the first time, along with learning about an interesting island with an even more interesting history.

- Isabelle Rosenblum, Waldorf School of Garden City & Erik Geertsma, Easthampton High School

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