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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 11, 2015

Birthday Underway to Cadiz

Anthea Fisher, A Watch, Wellesley College

The Global Ocean: Europe

My last bow lookout as a 19 year old!

35° 42’N X 03° 35.3’W

Mostly sunny, Winds W at Force 3

5 knots

Souls on Board

Today is our fourth full day underway to Cadiz from Mallorca, though it feels like my last steps on land are a lifetime away. We’ve finally begun adjusting to the watch rotation and I feel like I’ve (hopefully) gotten my sea legs after some seasickness for the first twenty-four hours of both the sails from Barcelona and Mallorca. Today was great for A-watch (my watch) as we experienced a high-traffic but reasonably calm dawn watch, beautiful sunrise, and had no day watch, allowing for some catching up on our assignments. There were also plenty of megafauna sightings today (pilot whales and several dolphins to name a couple), though unfortunately the initial dolphin sighting happened while I was taking my morning nap after wrapping up dawn cleanup. Hopefully, evening watch will prove more successful in my quest to sight dolphins in the Mediterrannean! Today has also been counted a success in my mind because it’s my 20th birthday(!). I’m lucky to have been the recipient of whoopie pies and oreos as a b-day treat thanks to Nick and Sarah, our amazing steward and assistant steward.

Yesterday we accomplished what could be considered our greatest success as a crew thus far: Field Day. No, we did not have relay races and compete for prizes, but rather took on the daunting task of cleaning the Cramer from top to bottom. A-watch was fortunate enough to be assigned galley cleanup, and personally I think we nailed it. It was also particularly special because it was the first time since being underway that we could listen to music (something I had never held so dearly until I had been deprived). The feeling of cleaning the Cramer and seeing the results of our hard work felt really rewarding and made me feel more united with my fellow crewmates than ever before. Not saying I’m excited for the next Field Day, but I definitely won’t mind hearing the sound of music the next time it rolls around.

Being underway for a ten-day passage definitely presents a struggle, but it also brings many rewarding moments into my (seemingly segmented and disjointed) days. I’ve learned so much and definitely miss the comforts of land, but I know that what I’m doing here is unique and should be cherished. I’m so excited to go through the Straits of Gibralter in a day or so, and I’m even  more excited to finally make it to Cadiz. I thought two days to Mallorca was rough, but this ten-day voyage has really put things in perspective! It’s now time for dinner then evening watch, where hopefully I spot a dolphin or two.

- Anthea

P.S. Mum, Dad, Laura and Genny: I’m doing fine! I miss you and I know you’re thinking of me on my birthday. Can’t wait to catch you up once I’m finally on land again. Until then, xoxo.

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#1. Posted by William Fisher on October 12, 2015

Delighted to hear that the Mediterranean cetacean community and your fellow crew members helped you celebrate your birthday in high nautical style!  (Also pleased to learn of your newfound enthusiasm for cleanup duty.)  We’re all admirative, envious, and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures when you’re in port again.  Happy 20th!  xo Dad

#2. Posted by Meredith Fisher on October 13, 2015

Hello to all aboard the Corwith Cramer and special birthday greetings to Anthea (and Caroline). 

We’re tracking your progress daily, refreshing the page with our first cup of coffee in the morning and continuing until lights-out at night.  So proud of your commitment and stamina!

Wishing you fair winds as you head into the Atlantic..


#3. Posted by barbara clark on October 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Anthea!  from Barbara Clark, Wellesley ‘74 (aka Janet’s mom)  sounds like all are enjoying the voyage!  wish I was there!

#4. Posted by Laura Fisher on October 14, 2015

So so jealous and excited for you! We love you, Anthea! Please take some pictures of bioluminescent dolphins for meeeee

#5. Posted by Krysia Burnham on October 18, 2015

Hi Anthea, love your name. Your post was very interesting. A birthday at sea! What an adventure. Greetings from a fellow Seven Sister’s grad—Smith ‘81. Also known as Margaux Burnham’s Mom! Have so much fun in Cadiz!



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