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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

August 05, 2016

Birthday on the Bobby Sea

Brooke Morgan, C-watch, Cal State U, Monterey Bay

Protecting the Phoenix Islands

I don’t know about you but I’m feelin’ 22

Noon Position
5° 52.8’S x 174° 34.4’W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
4.5 kt

Taffrail Log
2501 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change)
33° C with little cumulous cloud cover/ force winds of 4 coming from the East / per mates orders sailing East to our course of 140 to reach the last PIPA station

Souls on Board
Description of location: PIPA nm of boundary, nm of Nikumaroro

Around 2400 I came back to quarterdeck after coiling and hanging lines to find Sergio waiting. Immediately he started singing “happy birthday” with Ruthann joining in after a few moments. I couldn’t help but giggle. To re-enforce some humility, Ruthann and I then promptly went to the galley to grab and then dump food waste overboard (accidentally dumping the bucket overboard too as we hit a big swell…) It’s been a perfect start to an unconventional birthday.

I’m surrounded by folks with a tenacity and passion for the ocean. These are the same people who enjoy spitting fire, being complete dorks, and talking thoroughly about our current bowel movements while all along setting, passing, and striking sails moving us along our journey. It’s hard to believe I have known them for only ~7 weeks, even more so that we have been at sea for 5 of those weeks.

It’s hard to fathom life outside of this. While on lookout I confronted questions like: How will it be to engage in conversation with a complete stranger? What will it be like to eat off an un-gimbled table and without sweaty bodies brushing your arms on either side as you take a bite; to fall asleep in a stationary bed; to take a shower and actually feel clean; and so forth.

Hours until we are to cross the boundary; days until we reach the end of our journey together. This means goodbyes are coming; land responsibilities beacon. Can we just live like this a little longer? Next time we see land, it will be in Pago, Pago.

With love,

To mi madre, thank you for all your support in this expedition; for being my rock and all that good stuff; and for you know, birthing me so that I could experience the start of year 22 on a boat… To Joshua-kun for all the encouragement when I doubted my abilities… To my roomies whom I love and are graciously taking care of B… Hope you each are doing well. I think and pray over you each often. I miss you guys and look forward to sharing memories with you all shortly.

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