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July 06, 2019

Beach Day but with Science!!!

Karina Iman & Maya Langer, Horace Mann High School & Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy

SEA Semester

Above: Lana and Hannah during free time at the the beach; below: Maya, Helen, and Zachary picking up the beach.

We started the day with some carrot cake bread and oatmeal, an auspicious start!  Picking up trash was decidedly less appetizing, but more informative. Fortunately, the beach we gathered trash from was pretty clean so it wasn’t too much work.  We spent more time on the beach working on our oceanography group projects. After heading back to campus we learned about plastics in their other oceanic forms, which was not as fun as the prehistoric sharks from a few days ago but definitely important.  Lunch was a welcome break from our studies: stew!

Refueled, we traveled back up to the classroom for a lesson on currents and shipping containers. Oceans and Society is a large part of our day and a welcome one! In class we discussed last night’s current reading and learned about how modern day humans utilize the currents in shipping.  After the school day ended we had a few hours of free time to relax. Some of us went back to the beach while others worked on completing a puzzle. (It’s a work in progress.) Dinner featured some brussels sprouts and enchiladas. In the evening we watched a movie of our choice - Ponyo! It was a fun activity to cap off a fun day! smile))))))

- Karina Iman, Horace Mann High School & Maya Langer, Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy

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