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July 03, 2019

Beach day!

Hannah Simchock & Kiernan DeMeis-Dulleas, Lewis Mills High School & Frances W. Parker Charter Essential School

SEA Semester

Students visit the beach; jellyfish at the beach.

Today, we had our first illustration class. We are going to use the skills we learned to properly document nature around us. Later, we learned about how Igneous rocks are made, and how they affect the environment around them. This was really cool to learn about because they are the foundation of the world we live on, and they are moved by the heat underneath the earth. After some great grilled cheese and tomato soup, I did some work and then headed off to an amazing beach. It was very hot today so everyone was jumping in as soon as possible.

After our oceans and society class it was officially freetime, three groups went to the beach. I ran there with a bunch of people, we found so many interesting organisms. We picked up two jellyfish and found sea squirts. After burying each other in the sand it was time to walk home. At the end of the day we did an “exploratory” activity where we had thirty minutes to create a vehicle that would safely encase an egg that was thrown down a hill. All of the groups eggs were safe and left unharmed. After this thrilling event we all headed up to study hall to complete our homework from the rigorous day.

- Hannah Simchock, Lewis Mills High School
- Kiernan DeMeis-Dulleas, Frances W. Parker Charter Essential School


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