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August 02, 2019

Beach clean up!

Isabelle Rosenblum & Grace McDevitt, Waldorf School of Garden City & Sacred Heart Greenwich

SEA Semester

Above: C watch at beach clean up; below: A watch picking up trash-- look out for Elaina's Instagram takeover

We started our day off with a fantastic breakfast of banana bread, eggs, and fruit followed by team building activities at watch meetings. We may have struggled with these activities at first, but we eventually figured it out. Before we knew it, it was time for class. This morning, we had Oceans and Society with Liz. We learned about the origins of sea monsters and changing perspectives on the ocean. Liz also assigned us a new project to learn about the merchant marine, globalization, and shipping. In groups of two, we are each examining a product, how it was made, where it is from, and its carbon footprint.

Following our morning class, we headed over to lunch. Jared made some delicious fried rice! We then prepared for our afternoon lecture with Jess Donohue from SEA about plastic pollution. We learned about the major waste management problem that our world faces and how it is affecting the ocean. Jess described how plastics can completely alter ocean ecosystems by being a habitat for invasive species to travel to new areas. She finished this lecture by discussing with us how we can make a difference. It was a lovely segue into our trip to clean up Racing Beach.

We began our walk to Racing Beach shortly after our class ended. Once we arrived, we split up into our watch groups, and took on different sections of the beach, picking up whatever pieces of plastic, foam, or glass we could find, along with other miscellaneous items we found along the way, like pieces of tarp, or discarded sports balls. We collected a surprising amount of garbage, considering the fact that Racing Beach is privately owned, and does not have very many people visiting it regularly.

Once we wrapped up our beach clean, we moved into free time! The group split into two groups, where one stayed at the beach and the other went back to campus. Following our free time, we had a delicious dinner of some burgers, hotdogs, and vegetables. We then headed off to the Madden Center to watch a documentary called Chasing Coral, which is all about the effects of climate change on coral reefs all across the globe. We then finished our day with a very productive session of study hall, where everyone worked hard on their presentations. We are looking forward to more adventures to come!

- Isabelle Rosenblum, Waldorf School of Garden City & Grace McDevitt, Sacred Heart Greenwich

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