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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

August 02, 2016

Arrival in Cadiz

Katarina Rolf, A Watch, Sailing Intern

Historic Seaports

Dawn watch

Current Position
36°31.9’N x 006°17.2’W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked, Cadiz

Sail Plan
Quarterdeck Awning!

Clear sunny skies, WNW F1 winds, calm WxS seas, and a steamy 31°C

Souls on Board

Hello faithful blog readers! First of all, thank you for your continued loyalty to the C-268 Daily Update. We at sea never really know who is reading until we return home, but we do get mild amounts of comfort knowing that our words are read by at least one or two folks (hopefully more).

Today we took the final leg of our journey underway and arrived in Cadiz around 1200 this morning. As we weaved through what seemed like an infinite stretch of boats waiting to make their own journeys through the Strait of Gibraltar, A Watch was getting some excellent sail handling practice striking the four lowers (main, jib, forestays’l, mainstays’l). I’m always struck by how quickly endings creep up on you. When we first started this trip in Cork a mere four weeks ago, it seemed almost impossible to think that one day these students would be salty sailors by the end of our trip. August 4th was just this abstract date somewhere in the distant future. The students hadn’t claimed the ship as their own, and she in return had not claimed them.

Near the end of a trip, I’m always tempted to think “if only it had been like this from the beginning.” If only we all knew each other the way we do now, if only we knew what we did now, things might have been even better. Yet through all the seasickness and stumbling around in the dark trying to remember where that forestays’l traveler outhaul is or even what a traveler outhaul is, we became molded into these resilient, quick-thinking, capable hands onboard this incredible boat. I start to miss the feeling of holding a warm cup of hot chocolate to help bring the heat back to my fingertips in the midst of a cold dawn watch, laughing about who knows what on the Quarterdeck, and the satisfaction of knowing we just had an amazing watch.

To the students, thank you for putting your heart into this. And to their loved ones, reading from afar and wondering how it all went, it was a great watch.

All the best,


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