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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

October 16, 2015

Another Day in the Pacific

Todd Manley, C Watch, Colby College


Here I can be seen along with Second Mate Ems and Adrienne enjoying a refreshing coconut during a Pacific squall while on watch (Photo Cred: Annelise Hill).

Current Position
18° 09.5’ S X 178° 50.3’ W

Passing through the Lakeba passage into the Koro Sea

Course and Speed
220° T at 5.3kts

Sail Plan
Sailing under a double-reefed mains’l, the main stays’l, the fore stays’l, and the jib.

Winds are prevailing out of the Southeast at Force 5-6 gusting up to Force 7

Souls on Board

Life aboard the Robert C. Seamans is never dull. Practical jokes and unpredictable weather seem to keep everyone on their toes and in high spirits. Just yesterday Rachel was on the science deck when, unbeknownst to her, a rogue wave came and gave her a hearty salt water shower. Rachel, being a good sport, laughed it off and continued on with her watch. Down below deck the constant rolling of the waves we have been experiencing has brought on many laughs. It turns out getting into a top bunk is a lot harder when there are 10-foot swells.  Greg, Rob, and I have all found that getting into our top bunks is a lot easier when you time your jump with the roll of the ship.

Good spirits and fun continue on the Robert C. Seamans especially with Halloween just around the corner. Today Rob woke up to find a fake amputated human leg in his bunk! Fishing also has supplied the ship with entertainment. So far we have caught two Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish) with the most recent one hauled in yesterday by Rob. According to Chief Mate Will, it is good luck for the person who catches the fish to eat the heart. Without skipping a beat, Rob cut out the heart and ate it! Not a sight for the weak stomached! Sailing has not been all fun and games. As the semester continues so does our work load. We have another draft of our research papers due on the 31st and we have a competition between watch groups for the fastest line and sail identifications. In addition we have a lab practical approaching when we leave Fiji (A task that is hard on a moving ship) and another oceanography project to be assigned on our sail to New Zealand. Everyone is really excited to get into Fiji and continue our Pacific adventure. As Coleman would say: “The stoke levels are high”.

On a personal note, I want to wish my brother George a happy belated birthday! And to answer his question: No, we have not found SpongeBob and Patrick yet.

- Todd


#1. Posted by Deb Fanton, Todd's Mom on October 20, 2015

I am sure you have amazing stories Todd- can’t wait to see you xox it’s so good to hear your voice!!

#2. Posted by George manley on October 20, 2015

Thanks, Todd! Glad to see you are doing well and that you are enjoying yourself. Keep a lookout for mr. Krabs as well.



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