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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

April 15, 2017

Aloft for Rig Inspection, Moving into Phase 2

Ross Robinson, 3rd Mate

SEA Semester

Noon position
37° 59.1’S x 157°55.0’W


3 knots


Souls on Board

We have now settled in to Phase 2, the watch groups having swapped officers a few days ago. Now the students will take turns shadowing their watch officers in lab and on deck, and begin to take on greater responsibilities. They will learn all they can in the next two weeks to prepare for running the watch as Junior Watch Officers (JWO’s) in the final Phase.

Today marked other turning points as well. We have a had a few days of nice sailing without the engine, but the light and unfavorable direction today led to the engine coming to assist in the afternoon. The good news was the return of clear sky for celestial navigation. Today our noon position was fixed by advancing a morning sun line to local apparent noon (LAN).

The sky remained clear for evening twilight, where half a dozen students shot the stars. A Watch was able to turn over to B Watch with a celestial position fix on the chart from evening stars. We are all looking forward to more star fixes in the coming weeks.

- Ross

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#1. Posted by Ross Robinson on April 18, 2017

I don’t understand very much of what you wrote, but I’m glad you do !
And I’m sure your students will after spending time with you.
I do recognize the words “Celestial Navigation ” !  I’m glad you’re having
an opportunity to use and teach all that you have learned!



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