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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

August 12, 2015

Ahoy friends & family

Samantha Schildroth, University of New England

Protecting the Phoenix Islands

View towards American Samoa

14° 10.990’ S x 170° 36.258’ W

Approx. 3 nm off North Shore of Tutuila, America Samoa

SE, BF 5

Souls on Board

Students aboard the Robert C. Seamans are currently busy finishing project work with the help of our dear friend caffeine. Amidst the “end of the semester frenzy,” we have reached the island of Tutuila, American Samoa, and are keeping a 3 nm mile distance off as we prepare to enter our final destination at Pago Pago Harbor in the coming days.

With less than 48 hours left on our journey, I have asked my fellow classmates and the crew to reflect upon the last 6 weeks by providing a word or small phrase that captures an experience aboard the Seamans. Some phrases or words describe specific experiences, while others are in reference to ship life, watch standing, inside jokes, forged friendships, and beyond. I have assembled our phrases into a mash up of sorts in hopes of illustrating to the outside world (now just a few miles away!) our adventures together. Fair warning: we are a motley crew and almost none of this is going to make sense (yet!).

Ding-a-ling-a-ling… “Wait, what’s for breakfast? Hamburguesa con queso?
Yaassss! Who needs sleep anyway?
Baewatch is smooth and creamy like peanut butter… werq.
Galley we’re gybing because YEAH SCIENCE.
Oh crap, what line is this?
No, you do the boat check!
But really… Port Side, Strong Side.
2,6 heave! Come on you crazy mammals!
Motoring? Gotta love El Nino.
And finally land is ho.
Who are you taking to boat prom?
Life changing.

Hopefully, this small taste of our experience will suffice for the next two days until you can all each thoroughly interrogate us (yes mum, this is aimed at you!). As our journey winds down, I speak on behalf of all of my classmates when I say thank-you; to our crew who have been our source of knowledge and supported us in our endeavors along the way (believe me it’s hard to motivate a group of college kids to haul line at 3 am)- you are all amazing; to our family and friends who have supported us and followed our journey; to the Seamans for keeping us safe and giving us a home; and finally, to the sea and PIPA for one heck of an adventure.

See you soon,

PS, VERY HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY CAMBO! I love and miss you bunches. Xoxo, Sammy.

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#1. Posted by Annette Ahart on August 15, 2015

To all of the Seamans crew and students - Congratulations on a successful voyage! Hope your reentry into the “real ” world is smooth. 

Maddie Beattie - I can’t wait to hear all about your adventure at sea.



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