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SEA Currents: Robert C. Seamans

December 12, 2016

Actual Kiwis

Biz Wallace, B Watch, Sailing Intern

Ocean Exploration

Kaia and Lorna admire the black stone beach and turquoise waters of Hawkes Bay

Current Position
Port of Napier

Partly cloudy then sunny then cloudy again

Souls on Board

We saw actual kiwis today! Our second day in port was off to a fantastic start with a visit to the National Aquarium of New Zealand-a convenient 20 minute walk from the port. Contrary to popular belief, kiwis are not tiny birds-they are chicken-sized. Lorna's fun fact is that kiwis technically have the shortest beak of all bird species because the length of the beak is measured from the nostrils. We also saw the highly-anticipated feeding of the penguins, frightening spiny lobsters, and a huge sea turtle. Yen learned that koi fish really enjoy a nice head scratch. She would also like to add that it is unclear whether or not one is allowed to touch the fish.

From there, we were off to accomplish our various shore tasks. For me, this meant calling my mom while doing laps inside The Warehouse, New Zealand's version of Wal-Mart. I highly recommend it. Where else can you find camping
gear and a diverse onesie collection? I also wrote a bunch of postcards and took advantage of the free WIFI in the public library. We have all been working hard on our Secret Sailor holiday gifts, so many of us went in search of art supplies. Other things we went in search of include but are not limited to coffee, smoothies, ice cream, chocolate, Thai food, Turkish food, more ice cream, and more coffee.

I couldn't have a proper day off without a visit to the possum clothing shop. The front of the store sells possum fur products and the back is full of an informative diorama complete with taxidermied possums. I ended my day with Marcel, Julia, Ilana, Meave, and Christina at Oasis, a public heated pool and spa. We watched the sunset from our beachfront pool and then, as darkness set in, noticed the Christmas lights twinkling in the trees and the stars in the sky. We are getting underway tomorrow and, though I will miss my flat white coffees, I am excited to get Bobby C off the dock. Our time together is winding down and I am looking forward to spending time with B watch without the distractions of
land. Thank you Napier for being such a wonderful host! It's time to cast off our lines and head back to sea.

- Biz

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#1. Posted by Jessica on December 13, 2016

Hoping your last week at sea is extraordinary.

Happy and safe travels.

I love you Teal and am so glad we got to FaceTime. Good to get glimpse of you Will

Hugs and love



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