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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

February 28, 2016

A Great Day

Tess Saburn, St. Michael’s College

SEA Semester Caribbean

What Tim learned in Boating School: How to draw straight lines; while Katie, Pam, and Maddie enjoy the art gallery

19° 11.4’N x 69° 19.7’W

Anchored in Samana Bay, Dominican Republic

Weather / Wind
It was super hot then it rained and it’s nice and cool out now

Souls on Board

Ahoy! Today started off with our lovely B watch bringing Mamma Cramer into Samana Bay. I was on dishes, but above deck there were whale sightings all around! Do not worry, there was still much excitement later in the day even after all of the whale action yesterday. This time, though, we were not the only spectators. There were whale watching boats all around. After the excitement of whales, and anchoring, it was time to prepare for our afternoon festivities.

A gallery took place on the deck of the Cramer and all were asked to attend in their “No.1’s” (our most dressy outfits). As some people rushed to finish up their pieces to display, others jumped into the “pool” to cool off a bit. Once we were all dressed up, we put our pieces for show on the deck boxes around the doghouse, half in the shade, half in the boiling sun. As I walked around, I was excited to hear from my shipmates their reasons for their art and why they chose to show a particular piece. This was a totally different gallery experience at sea as opposed to on land where we all had drawn the same subjects for about two hours then looked around to see how others approached the same subject. Here at sea, we have the liberty of journaling and illustrating what we wish and sharing what we want. It amazes me to see how many different ways people are composing their journals. I think back to Wood Hole, and I remember how nervous people were when told we had to keep a journal and add illustrations to it. Everyone is killing it! 

Each and every person has let their personality shine through in the journals. People, especially Capt. Chris, enjoy noting when I have a “Tess moment”. These moments are when I am so happy I cry a little. This afternoon and into the night was definitely one of those times where a few “moments” occurred. I felt positivity and peace around us as we opened up our journals and saw portions of our journey through the eyes of our shipmates. I loved seeing how respectful the atmosphere was and the smiles on everyone’s faces.

There was a moment of anxiety when it began to rain, and we all ran to save our journals! Once all were safe and sound on the quarterdeck under the awning, classy snacks (such as cheese and crackers) were brought to go along with our fancy gallery. The rain felt delicious on our skin as a few of us chose to stand in the rain to cool off from the hot sun. After the rain, I now sit in a fleece on deck, a welcome change from the heat of midday. 

Overall it has been a beautiful and classy day filled with amazing people. After an all hands dinner the night flowed into a small jam session. Tonight is closing with a nice calm feeling, hopefully giving everyone some energy for a field trip day tomorrow! After getting back into the watch rhythm at sea, we once again enter our protocol for anchor checks. The stars are wonderful again tonight, though not as awe-inspiring as last night. Watches seem to be getting along, and as a whole C-264 seems pleasantly content and eagerly looking forward to activities to come.

I would love to give a shout out to my family! Hope all is well, that Matt is having a good break, that you are all over feeling under the weather, and that Dad’s shoulder is feeling a bit better! I miss you all, but do not fear, I am alive and well along with my shipmates. Hope all is well back home for all! I am going to hit the hay but I hope this blog brought some warm sunshine filled smiles to your faces! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entries and another from me!

Sending warm sunshine, smiles, whales, art, and salt water from the Cramer,

“Today was a great day, to have a great day” – Kiki Kianne

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#1. Posted by Nancy Donovan on March 01, 2016

Sounds like an amazing experience!
Enjoy every minute!!!

#2. Posted by tish saburn on March 01, 2016

Yay! Tess!  So good to hear your ‘voice’ through your blog! I would bet that the sharing of journals was a fantastic experience! What fun! I hope you did not miss seeing the whales while you were cleaning dishes in the kitchen!  Enjoy your field trip today everyone! Can’t wait to read more and more!

#3. Posted by Sheila Marion on March 01, 2016

Hi Tim!  Love the hair, moustache and beard which are all accentuated by your great tan!

#4. Posted by Deb & Dave on March 02, 2016


You are truly awesome and we are in awe of you and the experience you are having:)



#5. Posted by Linda Reynolds on March 06, 2016

Ahoy, Tess!!  Just found out about the blog today (3/6) and have read every word posted since Day #1.  Especially loved reading your blog from 2/28.  You certainly made me smile as your personality came shining through your descriptions.  Hope It’s not too late for you to receive this.  You sound like you’re having an awesome time.  So glad I found a way to follow your adventure.
Linda XOXO



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