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July 25, 2015

A Great Day

Charlotte Brennan and Anna Smith, Locust Valley High School and John Jay High School

SEA Semester

Above: Erin, Yasamin, Leo and Sophie proudly posing with their water layers. Below: Chase, all smiles at the water density lab.

This morning we were awoken to the sound of crows outside saying "Good morning!" Our wonderful cook, Marissa, served us some fresh bananas and toasted bagels. It was delicious! Then we trudged up the hill to the Madden Center to start classes for the day! First, we had Maritime History and we designed ships with our amazing and always informative teacher, Carl. Some students had very original ideas such as a float in movie theatre and a boat with a glass hull to observe coral.

Then, we had Oceanography with Maia and we learned about chemical and physical oceanography. She taught us about ocean currents and what causes them. In the afternoon, we worked in the lab studying water density and experimenting with what causes liquids to separate and form layers. Some of these properties include temperature and salinity.

After that, we had some free time, and some of us went to the beach and others stayed behind and took a well needed nap. After a delicious dinner of home-cooked lasagna, we went back up the Madden Center for movie night, where we watched Finding Nemo and ate yummy bags of popcorn.

Today was a truly great day, and we can't wait for tomorrow where we'll be taking a trip to downtown Falmouth!

-Charlotte and Anna

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