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July 30, 2017

A Relaxing Sunday

Allison Gaydeski & Stephanie Kuplast, Northfield High School & Keystone School

SEA Semester

Katarina, Amanda, Sam, and Murad enjoying the cool water.

Today was a relaxing, beautiful morning- we had the latest wake up call yet (8:45), so we could wake up a bit earlier and drink some tea, or sleep in. We had a delicious breakfast of French Toast and sausages with maple syrup, thank you very much Sabrina!

After the wonderful breakfast, we enjoyed tye-dyeing with our friends while trying not to make our hands and legs too colorful. Sunday is our only non-academic day, so we then had the option of staying inside our dorms or going the beach. Those who went to beach had a wonderful, sunny day playing volleyball with their friends and eating their packed snacks. Some kids visited their family and went out to lunch. Those who returned early from the beach or from visiting their families could do laundry or finish up some assigned reading.

We then enjoyed some lasagna and garlic bread made by, again, Sabrina!  After our wonderful dinner, it was time for study hall to complete some projects and reading due at the start of the week. The first week was a success, we can’t wait to see what the next two weeks will bring!

- Allison and Stephanie

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