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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

September 01, 2017

A Quick Update from Cramer!

Laura Rea, Procurement Officer, Social Media and Public Outreach Officer

Cramer Yard 2017

Greetings from Belfast! The action continues as the Cramer crew works hard to put the boat back together. It’s been a busy busy week, so here is a quick run-down of a few of the things happening here in yard!

In engineering, the deck generator is getting reinstalled, and the plumbing in the galley is being redone. Kelly is also working on the refrigeration systems on board, and dry stores is being repainted. As usual, wiring is being run everywhere, and the ship’s circuit breakers are being rewired. Marty has finished installing the navigation lights onto the topmast, and they look great! The topmast has even been reattached to the rest of the mast! Celebrate!

Science world is as exciting as ever. They have been joined by Gina the carpenter, who is working on constructing new shelves in the science hold. In other exciting news, the flow through system has been reconstructed with brand-new pipes and is back in the lab, looking super sexy and ready for action. The new carousel has also been assembled, and it looks pretty darn good as well. The lab is starting to look like a lab again, and Helen assures me that it is getting shinier by the day.

Deck has some exciting news - we’re actually working on the deck! The port side of the deck near the doghouse is in the process of getting completely recaulked. SEA has hired a fun new local carpenter, Garrett, who is doing a great job getting the deck looking new again. Parts of the quarterdeck will be recaulked next. Aside from this exciting project, the deck crew has continued to paint everything they can get their hands on, including their own clothes and hair, though not on purpose.

And, because I know you all were curious, Crusty the cat is doing very well, and sends her love.

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