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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 24, 2018

A day on the Corwith Cramer

Paula Angel, A Watch, Universidad de los Andes


October 24 sunrise.

Noon Position
34°40.2’ N x 059°50.0’ W

Description of location
NE of Bermuda


4 knots

Beaufort Force 3, coming from SWxW

Sea Surface Temperature/Salinity
25.2 °C / 36.75 psu

Souls on board

Hello family and friends of C-282 crew!

Today we had a beautiful day with calm winds and sea. My watch had the pleasure to see a stunning sunrise this morning during dawn watch (0100-0700) after a pretty busy watch. We did some science processing alkalinity, pH, Chlorophyll-a, and microplastics for a water sample from a surface station. We also processed a Neuston Net Tow, count and identified 100 organisms from the zooplankton (small drifting animals) sample and found some cool things like a tiny octopus, eel larva, a small Sargasso fish and tons of little crab larvae. Some people have seen dolphins and pilot whales by now, but I haven't seen marine mammals yet. I really enjoy working in the lab and it makes me think of my lab mates back at my university. We also did some sail handling and at the end we had to motor sail since the wind was a little crazy and was pushing us in the wrong direction.

As is usual for weekdays, we had class out on the quarterdeck at 14:30 and my watch presented a science and a weather report. After that we practice the emergency response for man overboard, fire/emergency and abandon ship scenarios. We also have been working on memorizing important information regarding safety, the points of the compass, practicing our steering and learning the lines as the Corwith Cramer Pin Rail Race approaches; we also have both navigation and oceanography assignments.

We've had a great time on the boat even with the cold weather and the gales that we had at the beginning, and, coming from a country in the tropics I am really happy to have warmer weather now. Those who experienced seasickness are recovering as the conditions get better. Regarding the food, our Steward Shanna and the daily Assistant Steward have served us delicious food and we have been eating so good. My favorite snack so far was chips with guacamole and last night we had ropa vieja for dinner which was amazing.

I hope you enjoy following our days on the Corwith Cramer!

Ps: Mami, Papi, Lui, Panchis, Abues y Winndix me muero por verlos; Nati y Ele me hacen mucha falta.

- Paula Angel, A Watch, Universidad de los Andes

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#1. Posted by Luz Helena Romero on October 26, 2018

Hello everyone! Pau, what an amazing experience. We are very proud of you and everyone else on the Corwith Cramer! Everything you’ve done so far is what you love and we couldn’t be happier that you get to experience new things everyday. We are so relieved you are eating well, so HUGE THANKS to Steward Shanna! We are counting down the days to see you! We love you and miss you. Everyone here says hi! Keep learning and having fun. I love you, Mami.
Enana mia vuelve ya. Lui

#2. Posted by susan on October 26, 2018

So glad you made it though the rough weather. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the trip. From the sounds of everyone’s blog post the food is a big hit. My daughter Ally is in A watch with you so good luck to you all in the Pin Rail Race.

#3. Posted by Natalia Atuesta on October 31, 2018

Pau, so glad you are enjoying this wonderful adventure. I can’t wait to hear all about it and share Mamma Cramer’s stories! As far as I can tell, you are eating well and seasickness has not been an issue… Love you!



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