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December 16, 2017

A day in the life

Jennifer DuBois, Steward

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Barrier Island

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Souls on Board

The wonderful crew, led by Kerry, took over the galley so I could get an evening off. I used this time to finally read the blog and decided to add to it.

It was, overall, a lovely day on the Seaman's. It was field day, which for me as the steward means handing out candy. This was followed by a swim call in water which was full of salps. After that the students studied and Kerry, Henry, Erin, Annika, and Steve prepared a wonderful meal. This was quite a relaxed day compared to a normal day in the galley. The average day in the galley generally goes more like:

0500 to 0515: prep for first sitting of breakfast which is at 6:20
0620 to 0700: first sitting of breakfast followed by resetting and cooking more food for the next sitting at 0700.
0730 to 0930: free time. This usually means a nap.
0930 to 1000: prep and then serve morning snack. Get mid-night snack and any bread started.
1030 to 1220: prep and serve first sitting of lunch.
1200 to 1300: first breakfast and set up second lunch sitting.
1430: Class
1530 to 1600: prep and serve afternoon snack.
1630 to 1820: prep first sitting of dinner.
1820 to 1900: refill and finish off second sitting of dinner.
1900: Meet with assistant steward for the next day to plan the day out.

It's a pretty full on schedule each day. Inevitably something won't go according to the plan. At which point you resist the urge to panic and embrace plan B (Sophie and Isaac know about this quite well). It's been a great trip so far. I have had some wonderful and enthusiastic galley assistants and the Seaman's crew is super supportive. Fair winds from the galley. I am off to see if I can make pretzel's with Caleb.

- Jennifer

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#1. Posted by Carol Stoudt on December 18, 2017

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our children on this most excellent adventure for them.  Sounds like you had the lion’s share of work to accomplish on a daily basis.  (Hope Caleb successfully assisted you in making the pretzels.)  We are grateful for his opportunity and for all who worked so hard to bring this to fruition.



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