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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 22, 2014


Annie Rich / Codie Kyle , Sweet Briar College / College of Charleston

40° 34.9’N x 011° 39.0’ W
5.5 kts
NW’ly, Force 5

Annie and Codie here, reporting from the Science Lab with Juliana, our personal scientist, while reminiscing about our adventures jumping off the bowsprit during our first swim call on our voyage. The water was very refreshing and a special treat! To top off another perfect day at sea we got to see the “Green Flash” which we had just learned about the other day from Codie!

During our night watches, our favorite first mate, Will, has been reading short excerpts from the book “Star Lore,” which goes into great detail about the many stories and the history behind each navigational star and constellation. Lucky for us, last night was the perfect night for star gazing! The most memorable part was that we got to see the Milky Way reflect off of the water! Because of this, our excerpt from the Star Lore that was chosen next was as follows:

“A broad and ample road whose dust is gold
And pavement stars as stars to thee appear
Seen in the Galaxy, that Milky Way
Which nightly as a circling zone thou seest
Powdered with stars”

Not to mention, as we star gazed, we got to enjoy several Oreo balls made by Will, Kelly, and Juliana. Our tastes buds even had a ball! Even though we are having a blast enjoying the little things (like Oreo balls), we have to remember we are still in school! Today the two of us gave a report on our current current situation. We were able to gather data with help from Juliana and technology that we have learned to use, such as the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) - which essentially sends out low frequency sounds that bounce off particles and can give us the magnitude and direction of the current. Using the information we gathered we were able to determine that we have now reached the Portugal Current and are indeed heading south! We are excited to say we should be arriving in Portugal (many of us for the very first time) any day now!

It has been great filling you in on our journey, and we hope you all have been having a great day back home! We’ve got many more adventures to come so stay tuned!
As they say in Portugal, Adeus!

- Annie & Codie

Shout outs from Annie:  I hope all is well on good ‘ole Frog Hill!  Hiiii Nona, Dad, Alexa, Rusty, Ryan, and Roosifer! I love and miss you! Looking forward to seeing you next month! xoxo
Shout outs from Codie: Hey papa! Hope you’’re keepin’ Austin weird without me! Love you so, so much and cannot wait to tell you all about this adventure! Expect some snail mail coming your way! xoxoxo
Honorary Shout out from Juliana: TAM




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