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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

October 29, 2014

Forward to Madeira

Gabrielle Page, 3rd assistant scientist

The Global Ocean

Some stellar shipmates. Above: (Gabo,) Becky, and Abby. Below, top: Jason, Willy and Matt. Below, bottom: long awaited Madeira.

32° 47.6’N x 016° 27.9’W

gently sailing downwind within sight of Madeira

Ahoy from the Corwith Cramer, out on the rolling sea,
Proud bow, billowing sails – she’s a pleasure to see.

The journey has been long.
Voyaging’s no small thing,
Especially as we were busy watch standing

We resisted the binding spell of a siren,
Escaped the gaping jaws of the Leviathan;

Weathered many a storm, came out clean from a gale,
Defeated hungry Kraken, hunted a white sperm whale;

Avoided deathly shallows, sailed up mystical straights,
Fought off bloodthirsty pirates (they don’t make good shipmates);

Endured the blazing sun, pierced the darkest of nights,
Using noble sextants when land got out of sight;

Dodged blazing meteors raining from Orion,
Sailed by two continents, a sea and an ocean;

Wrote academic papers, deployed a Neuston tow,
And now to Madeira merrily we all go!

- Gabrielle

PS: To Mutti, Vatti, O & J, hello! I miss you guys, hope all is well. Say hi from me to everyone back home!
PS2: Jason we miss you!

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