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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 07, 2014

Down the River Lee

Elliot Rappaport, Captain

Learning the ship

Near 50° 26'N x 07° 43'W

Winds light

After two very productive days spent learning the ship and studying local history in Cork, we boarded a pilot yesterday at 1230 for a trip down the river Lee and back to sea. The trip downriver winds through a beautiful green landscape of agricultural fields, dotted with towns and Industry. Cobh (pronounced: “Cove”) is the main working port of Cork harbor, with wharves built a century ago to accommodate the White Star liners. On our way past, the staff of the harbor control office waved us farewell with a giant foam hand.

After a night of good sailing, we are drifting in light conditions near the boundary between Irish and British waters. We're going to take advantage of the calm to do some scientific sampling in support of student projects, which will be looking at regional oceanography as one of many forces that has shaped communities around the Celtic Perimeter of the eastern Atlantic.

Students and staff are all well, doing a tremendous job of running the ship while adapting to the many changes in daily life that are a part of going to sea.

- Elliot

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